Being stupid around Tartu

Do something stupid

Hey you,
We spent this weekend in Tartu. Hadn't been there since last year.

Somekind of kawaii animal.

We went to Genialistide club to hear Dj Studious, Dj Raadž and Dj Moose play there.

I ventured to the smoking room also.

There wasn't much room on the left side, by the Dj and not that many people on the right by the bar, so the crowd wasn't equally distributed.

Always a pleasure to see Lawri.

Raadž was playing and absolutely refused to be on photos. It was the same with a chubby blond girl, who started yelling at me.

The awesome barmaid at Kivi.

There was also a guy looking for action, mostly people and things he could hit. I hope he found something in the end. Like a post to bash with his head.

Kissing by the records.

We went on to Kivi to see what was going on there. The other bars were already closed by then.

Nice piercing.

As the photos looked a bit dull, I asked people to do something stupid for the photos. Most of the girls thought sticking out their tongue was enough. So take a second and think what you would do in that situation.

An unique touch.

The night ended at 5 am. As I was heading home and spotted Zuks in front of me. We swung by Zavood to see if something was going down there. We were too tired to try to elbow through Zavood so we continued on home.

Zuks rocking it at Zavood.

See you soon!


Why didn't I go out this Weekend

We don't need photos of our concert

I hope all of you who wanted the free download of NYorky Bounce got there in time. Have a listen:

Barthol Lo Mejor - NYorky Bounce (free download until 20.01)
It was really cold outside, that's why.

Hey, I admit that I didn't go out this weekend. You might be wondering why, and so am I! Here are some photos that try to answer that question.

I got my hands on an issue of Vice magazine, that's why.

I did go out once and that was the opening of Raoul Kurvits' retrospective's opening in Kumu. I went there by tram being accompanied by two photography students drinking no-label beer and a girl from advertising.

Posing artists, that's why.
Afterwards We got on a taxi with Kiwa and ended up at the exhibition's salad afterparty at Sinilind. I left before the drunk lady fell down and the girls started fighting. Maybe neither happened at all.

Mihkel Maripuu and Akky Glitter, that's why.

There was plenty to do at my studio and people to have over. I've been watching a lot of 90s cartoon recently. The list includes Clerks, Undergrads, Mission Hill and Clone High. I can recommend Undergrads and Mission Hill.

Kiwa was rocking Tallinn, that's why.

I've also managed to get some good books of contemporary English authors. January is usually my reading month. Lets hope February is more about writing and photos.

Colourful screens, that's why.

Inspired by Undergrads I also wanted to try playing Risk. At first I thought that the tales about 8 hour games was a myth, but it took us half an hour to understand the rules. Luckily the game lasted only close to three hours and I controlled North America, Australia and Japan.

Playing Risk, that's why.

I can't wait for this weekend to get out. I haven't actually decided on which event to go to and I might even go to Tartu. I just have to check the weather first. We'll see soon enough.

Recycled newspaper Star Wars stormtrooper snowflake, that's why.

Head over to "Trash can dance's" blog and vote on last years bEstonian release. Any votes towards my double release are also much appreciated.
See you soon


Happy birthday hospital!!!

Why did you take a photo of the queue to the girls' toilet?

There's a fine line between a party with too many people and a party with not enough people. Both of those factors can ruin a good party. This weekend we went to the Birthday party of Haigla pidu (Hospital) at Sinilind.

Haigla was one popular birthday child as Sinilind which I estimate can fit around 1000 people was packed full. I went there to take photos and that's what I did. I also did a lot of standing in lines.

Fredy (of Laika Virgin and Animal Drama) just had to be colored sixties.

I jumped queue to get in when I got to the door, as I was already running late. Greetings to the ticket crew and I think even the security guard harassed me less than usual.

DJs Ats Luik and Jan Tomson playing.

I had to talk to everyone I was taking a picture of because as I don't have a huge camera people wan't to know why am I taking photos or they want to take a photo with me or something third.

Girls-boys-girls in the queue for the toilet.

Too bad Westons wasn't available on tap anymore and so I waited ten minutes for nothing and then as much to get something else.

Matching the picture on the bandage with your image.
The music selection was very interesting and I was a bit surprised by some of the tracks and genres. I have to admit that this was my first time at a Haigla pidu.

This wall pattern always gives me flashbacks.

Girls insisted on going to the men's toilet and they always wanted to be the first ones. Because of that some guys had to go to the booth four at a time.

The party was tight and at times you couldn't understand what was going down.

I met a lot of old friends and that always helps the party go better.

VJs were using old tapes for visuals, lovely 90s feel.

As this is a huge 11 photo post, I have ran out of ways to bitch about there being too many people and too long lines so from here on just photos.

Girls sipping on Cider

Legendary "climb out the window" smoke room

Lonely boy with a balloon.
It's too bad there was a lack of space as the party seemed great. See about another time at Sinilind from here.
See you soon,


First time in Club Studio [updated]

Happy New Year!
Fluon is now FOUR YEARS OLD. Here's a track from the coming EP to celebrate:
Barthol Lo Mejor - NYorky Bounce (free download until 20.01)
New year - dye your hair.

On Saturday I went to different venues. We started at Clazz with my lil sis. There the jazz-rap band Külalised was playing with Sander Mölder and Dj Quest playing inbetween them. I don't think I've ever watched them play before, but it was enjoyable.

"Dance all you want, the playas wait in the corner"

Next we headed over to the Studio club for the Tallinn Express party. The line-up included Programm Extra DJs Quest, Paul Oja and Critikal aka Bert on Beats on the first floor. The second floor was for the Rulers of the Deep.

DJs Paul Oja and Critikal spinning in the booth.

I hadn't been there before, but I had heard about their expensive sound system and tickets. The first impression I got was that they have the friendliest and politest security guards I have met. Even though the first guard couldn't find us on the list.

DJ Critikal aka Bert on Beats and the moves like Jäger.

I was surprised as I had thought the club to be white on the inside, but it was full of color and lights. The DJs played a good balance of commercial and obscure and constantly mixed from one to other.

The colorful lights and lots of smoke.

The downside was that there was no room to move around even though there weren't that many people there. If you wanted to move you had to squeeze or elbow through crowd. There also wasn't a place to rest from the constant hustle. It got worse when we tried to hit the dance floor girls were whipping their hair around and guys were hustling in all directions. The couple guys with too much speed in them were the less annoying part.

The black light on the second floor with stars on the wall.

There were some familiar faces around and the music was superb. A lot of people didn't agree with me and a girl even put two middle fingers in the air when they played Prodigies Everybody In the Place. Another girl  gave Paul Oja a request to play. Too bad I don't know what it was.

Promoting a bar's stripper party with a Disney character.

We left around 3 and I passed by Must Puudel where Kalamari Unioon was taking place. I didn't make it inside, but there was plenty going on outside too. There were chipmunks, people with joints and a bum with two lit cigarettes,

A quick look at the Kalamari Unioon at the Must Puudel.

See you at our birthday!


What happened in 2012

Hey you,
2012 has ended and so it's time to see what has come to be during this year. I'll keep it short and sweet - here's a list of what happened and photos from the last weeks of 2012.

"I don't know how to pose"

Here's a list of this years accomplishments:

> played 20 shows/sets - that's the new yearly record
> released the "Molotov Spray Tan + Jet Set Rebels" double EP
> my tracks were featured on three compilations
> played at TMW and TMN festival showcases
> around 10 000 readers came to Fluon,
> published 42 posts on Fluon
> gave two interviews
> moved to Tallinn
> got 2 new cameras and took over 7000 photos
> my book was exhibited at Kumu
> attended I don't know how many parties and festivals
> went to Barcelona, Venice and Croatia.

Playing the 20th time in 2012, at a party in Genklubi.

The vodka connoisseur working.

Djs of legendary Varjend.

A band playing at Rokiklubi.

The last live of Mürgelmaschine in Sinilind.

Close up of the last live of Mürgelmaschine in Sinilind

See you in 2013