Waiting for apocalypse at Manatargaq

I know your music, It's my exercise tape

For the Last Saturday we went to the Manatargaq psy-trance rave in Telliskivi. I was invited there to take photos of the rave and their crazy visuals. I took the evening bus back to Tallinn, swung by home, attended a birthday and by midnight we were at the door. I was still a bit shaky from the Friday's artsy Christmas party.

Nice to see girls with classical taste in rave outfits.

The line was long with everyone being searched and given an assessment on their clothes' level of sportiness. The guy in front of me was too sporty so he had to block the queue and argue with the security. Our clothes were party and the organizer met us on the door and helped us in. The guys behind us had a huge pastry with them and one of them was always complaining on how gay he looked with his glasses.

Dj Taavi Ilves chilling everyone out.

When entering the party the visuals were mind blowing. Too bad not that many people had gone for the neon clothes as the black lights were almost everywhere. Some had gone for the white look, I don't know if especially for this last Saturday night. I just wore my casual ski outfit.

Me, straight from the snowy slopes of Estonia.

There were three rooms, one of those was a chill out area where Taavi Ilves was playing his set. The main room was the place to be with it's massive light show and two buoy dancers.

I couldn't take me eyes of of her two buoys.

I can't recall much of the music as I don't know much about psy-trance other than it goes something like: "diggidi diggidi diggidi viiiiiiiuuuuuuüüüüt" at least that's what I was explained last time. But people enjoyed it and were dancing and showing off their glowing things.

This is almost what happened.

A friend told me that this time it was like a builders Christmas party, when usually it's mostly hippies in gowns. I guess the hippies were preparing for the apocalypse somewhere.

Didn't see the second room fill up, but the light was cool.

The shower booth in the bathroom got converted into a powder room with men trying to see how many of them could fit in at once. The only stall was also forever occupied. I didn't mind, because I've done the same thing. Passed out in the only stall and wondered why people were banging on the door while I was trying to rest.

I think someone spiked my camera because at some point it started seeing things.

It was hard sometimes because there was lots of smoke for the lasers which made the flash completely useless. Out of the 150 photos I took here you have the best. Overall this is one of the most colorful shoots I've done at a party.

This guy came to the future to see the apocalypse.

The apocalypse is coming, so the only wise thing left to do is to listen to my tracks and like my page on Facebook. If you do that, the angel below will save you and take you to the never ending angel rave in heaven or a space ship.

The rave's guardian angel.
It's been nice knowing you all,
merry apocalypse and see You in hell!
Barthol Lo Mejor


Art school christmas party

It's always nice to have the cultural elite notice you

The music is in the player on the right, choose your own sonic background.
Two girls doing "something sensual"
It has been a busy weekend going back and forth between Tallinn and Tartu. Two exhibition openings on Thursday and playing a set on Friday in Tartu.

Conan the Barbarian on steroids had broken Nälg's display window from the inside.

The Christmas party in Nälg on Friday was wicked. It was packed full of art school kids and their friends. I and Zuks ended up rocking it together once again. It was fun as always.

There were four tables in the dancing area making it hard for everyone.

Local super-bum Erkki Hüva was booked to perform a set of Christmas songs. I missed it as I was getting the other room jumpstarted. A middle-aged couple had taken the initiative and connected the gear and found some discs they had already put on. When they tried to give me pointers on what to play, I politely refused.

Zuks with a fist full of cash - "10€ per request or a flash of breast".

As I started I discovered that I lacked headphones. I did what I could and started the set with blindly mixing the tracks for half an hour. By that time Zuks arrived with two pairs of headphones and saved the night.

Some time later it was getting hotter.

During the night I got an astonishing  amount of different style and song requests - ragga, DnB and "something to dance to". And apparently 212 is a bad track to play at a party.

Dancing at the speed of light.

People were promised karaoke, but at 3 am it still wasn't a possibility. Don't ask me why. I heard that finally only two songs were sung before the party got shut down.

Paul Lepasson of Mimicry and Eliise who just had to be on Fluon.

At the end of the night the place was full of utterly wasted people. A short goon came up to me an threw his arm around my neck and started telling me a cool story. Before that he had managed to hit on half the girls in the room and stumble on the other half. He then stayed at our table to bore everyone.

Former cleaner of the Y-gallery getting serious.

We had another drink in Kivi before we headed home. Some of us made it and others not so much as it was cold as hell outside.

Two girls one cup, a pair of glasses and a room full of art.

On Thursday I was at the opening for Art Academies second year photographers first exhibition. Among others Keiu Maasik and Hanna Parman were also showing their works. The exhibition is better than I had feared so I suggest you swing by Katarsis at Müürivahe 30 and check it out because it's worth it.

Brother and sister amazed by the exhibition.

On Saturday we went to Manatargaq carneval and it was surreal. I have over a hundred photos for you. I'll post them next time so be sure to check back in couple of days.

The queue for the Manatargaq psy trance carneval.
Read about what happened on Saturday at Manatargaq psy trance rave.

See you soon


Birthday feat. Badass Yuki

Nothing good happens after 5 am?

Hey hey!
As I went on Soundcloud it turned out that I hadn't given you anything to listen to for a couple of months. Here's a remix of Badass Yuki - Rollercoaster Town. It's more or less finished and it's here exclusively, if you like it, then download it, as it won't be here for long.

Badass Yuki - Rollercoaster Town (Barthol Lo Mejor remix)

On Friday I got off work at half past one and started for the birthday party. The only problem was that I didn't have the address and the birthday boy wasn't picking up his phone.

No idea what happened

I did what I could and headed in the general direction and started going through the contacts on my phone to ask them if they had the address. The third or fourth person under the letter B gave me some general guidelines. Some ten minutes later I saw a guy in red pants with two girls in a bus stop.

On the phone to Mr Congressman 

The red pants seemed to indicate that they were the kind of crowd that could have been to the birthday. So I asked them:
"Are you coming from Tõnis' birthday?"

Pretty accurately captured scene

"No! But you do know where he lives?"
"No, not really."
And so I got the directions for the house. It was on top of a restaurant and the party was in full swing.

Bikes and bathtubs, enough to make a girl happy.

I stayed until half past four when it seemed reasonable to move. With two girls we started heading towards Protest which was in the general direction of my home. On the way I got a crash course in ugly wedding dresses which were on the store window.


Protest was decent and people were dancing even though it was 5 am. I was too out of it to get a clear photo of it all.

White wine.

I ended the night with finding a friend in front of Hesburger and got into his taxi. I was in my bed at 6 am, getting ready for the morning after.

Kicking it and licking it.

See you in Nälg on Friday!


Erasmus pool party in Aura

He's gay, that one over there's a bisexual. I know too much about them

Hey, welcome back!
Here's my pool track to listen to while you look around - Ocean Sound Wave.

At the pool like a sir.

The pool party wasn't half the party it was a year ago although this time we made it there a bit more sober. Also our party crew was bigger than last year. It's important to bring your own crew as everyone else was Erasmus students. I did meet a couple locals I kind of knew. The crowd was a third of what there was last year.

Estonian "superstar" Rasmus Rändvee's birthday party with the cameras.

Most of the time the choice was between cocktails at the pool side or being in the pool. We also played basketball and the trophy for winning was a pair of deep bite marks. In addition there were water slides, a bar with drinks, four jacuzzis and three different saunas. Some of those saunas were on the "wrong" side, but during the party most of the facilities became unisex any way.

Celebrating the end of Movember in Genklubi.

The events of the night are blurred as I was enjoyed a fair share cuba libres. I do recall seeing the end of the limbo contest. The winner was the one who could stand up by himself. I also overheard some guys and girls discuss whether they should smoke the weed inside the aroma sauna or on the balcony. Because of our presence they chose the balcony.

Pregaming in Tigutorn before the pool party.

I had never seen the DJ before and I guess there hasn't been much of a chance for that anyway. I remember his selection included the "Gangnam style" which didn't make the people go as crazy as he had hoped.

The beginning with almost no one there.

I ended my night with hitting my head on the water slide at the last minute and now I have a concussion. That might be the reason I got these photos looking so colorful. No worries I'm recovering.

The party crew in matching white robes.

There wasn't that much more to fit into the short 4 hours there. We did get a tour of sexual preferences of various men around the pool from our connoiseur of the subject.

Bad boys on the balcony.
Last falls pool party was a more impressive experience for me, but I might go to the next one or maybe not.

See you on the 14th in Nälg