What to wear at a techno club?

Wear whatever you want, as long as it's black.

Techno music is founded on the principle of it being open to everyone without discriminating. It has an anti elitist stance which explains wearing black as it has a history of being the color of the people. The other reason for black is the fact that a lot of techno music has a dark, sci-fi and dystopian feel to it and wearing a black outfit matches that feeling.

The things you need to do to get into a club.

Wearing black clothes distances you from the hyper-commercial EDM "techno" neon outfits, which is in bad taste for an original techno club. So be toned down, too cool to dress up kind of way. Greys and whites can also be added to the mix and when you pick your shoes, make sure you can dance 12 hours straight as the music is the most important.

Techno Kit 001 T-shirt.

Black is a beautiful tone and it gives you the possibility to pair one type of black with another. A great combination is glossy vs matte black. It's one of the reasons we created the Alex Wulf Techno Kit which is a series of black clothes and accessories for a techno night. Things that are useful for a club night, all in black. The beanie will follow shortly. If you are interested in getting one, then write to Alexwulfmusic(a)gmail(.)com

Have a great night!


Taking music into a new direction.

Hey everyone,

A lot has been going on since I last wrote.
I am focusing on my new strictly techno project - Alex Wulf.
Here is a video of the first Estonian live I played with it.

 See you


#201 Fresh Music Video Hollywood (Final Day)

Welcome back,

Half a year of work has finally ended with a new music video. After coming back to Tartu from Berlin in the summer of 2014, I was surprised by the great techno-house Tartu scene evolving around Arhiiv and some other venues. When the time to make a new music video came, the choice of documenting these old and new friends was logical.

Enjoy the video:

People at the premiere

The video for Hollywood was premiered at SÜNK III party. The crowd was laughing, clapping and screaming at the different parts of the video. The great part is that most of the people in the video are always present at the SÜNK events.

See you soon!


#200 In SÜNK

Welcome Back,

We have made it to post #200.
I was the photographer at "SÜNK: Rabandus" last week. Here are the photos, some of them double exposure and meet us at the next SÜNK.

The local Rock'n'Roll star has arrived.

Dj Paula playing.

More people arriving.

Friends meeting up again.

A stylish cloud shirt spotted.

The drunkest of them all.

Two DJs switching.

The UV lightning was spectacular.

Best sweater at the party, worked well with the UV.

The crowd is getting going.

That drunk guy again.

Is it really time to go home?

Dj Siim2000 hiding away.

Come back soon for the new video.