#198 Tartu Scene

Dedicated to all of you who have made the new year awesome

Welcome back to Fluon,

It has been a while, as I have been occupied with other endeavors. Truth be told Fluon is OVER soon. If this is your first time here then you can read about why I made fluon in this post. There will be another post about why I am not continuing with Fluon anymore, at some point. It has been a fun SIX years.

Tartu is a blooming scene at the moment and it got me taking photos again. I want to share them with all of you. Enjoy and I'll see you out there. Oh and leave a like!

Arhiiv backstage dish washing lessons.

New place Brooklyn and the man behind it.

Tsikipäo at 6am

#justdancefloorthings - what can be found under the Dj table

Art school graduation at Arhiiv

Still Out moment

Still Out, Dj Siim2000

Still Out prison break

Still out romance

Kiwa X Henry
Playing at Sünk

On the backstage door

Riding the cow at Sünk

Major Liiv on the decks

Photo of the photographer

The colorful mess

Sünk power duo

The yellow couch girls who are nurses

Meeting the cow

The end of Sünk

Afterparty at Arhiiv with Dj Phil Good


Partying under the stage

Ready to go to Rütmika
See you,


#197 Autumn party people


Mornacore unisex toilet.

Mornacore - Tartu party of the year.

Mornacore - Japanese delegates.

Mornacore - police brigade and Zuks.

Mornacore - boombox boys.

Mornacore - gin long drink fun.

The baddest street pingpongers in Tartu.

Local artist Margus Lokk and girls from the bank.

Sending off one of us in Arhiiv.

Paul playing.

The crew dancing to my set.

House warming fashionista.



My new Bambi Bass music video

Enjoy my new video, shot in Berlin this summer.

See you soon!