Mõisa Karneval 2013

I won the passes from Galvanic Elepants - so we came to see Ans Andur.

We have the schedule

I just made it back from the Mõisa Karneval festival. It took place in the old Mooste manor. The festival has on the most intimate vibes of all, that's why it's one of my favorites. Most of the guests have known each other for long and people who come for the first time get with the flow really fast.

Sunny girl

The bands are always a mix of Estonian Metal and what ever else the organizers choose, last year it was Marco Tasane for example. This year's line-up included Leslie Da Bass, Pedigree, Ans Andur, Galvanic Elephants, Sequoia 7, Cleaning Women, Zahir and more. While the music suggests it's a Metal festival, it doesn't feel like one and you don't have to show up in black leather.

A very popular puppy

We headed for the festival early not to miss any of it. Not even the roadwork on the way could stop us. As we arrived on Friday at five the right vibe was already there. Two neon-dressed girls welcomed us at the gate and of course they couldn't find my name. Luckily the hostess of the festival sorted me out and we entered.

Nice hat

We started by listening Zahir play an energetic set welcoming the newly arrived guests. The main stage is big enough to fit thousand or more listeners. After the band we celebrated the joint birthday of Heikki and Rudolf with drinks, foods and a box of dry ice. Among the drinks there was a bottle of Estonian rum(!?)

Festival master

 From there on the usual Mõisa Karneval hassle started. There were ever changing circles of people talking about everything from anecdotes to chemistry. Some people spent the whole festival sitting by the tent area without seeing any of the acts play.

The Vj

The old-timers had brought their own chairs while the inexperienced ones sat on the grass. This is one of the few occasions that I've seen the backstage remain almost empty. Even the bands preferred it out in the open.

Almost ready to go in

The Saturday morning started with the now classical parade to the beach. As usually it was guided by an orchestra. What was new this year was that there was a stage on the beach area. There were also the angel security guards who kept hassling anyone with glass bottles. The highlight of the beach stage was a duo. The Simmani Duo who kept playing for an hour or so. I won't even try to describe their style, just Google it.

Leslie Da Bass playing

There was also a routine by the Hevi Aeroobika which was set to disco this time. Not a bad way to start the second day. I didn't need much for recovering as I had prepared for it already the night before with some catnip pills from some people sitting somewhere in the middle of the night.

Roll it...
Probably the worst part of the festival was when we ordered food for lunch on Saturday. Each meal consisted of potatoes swimming in grease and a selection of processed meats. It didn't even matter which dish you chose, they were all the same price, same taste and followed by a stirring in your stomach. The bar however was special as they were selling local spirit "Hansa", you just had to know how to ask for it.

Light it...

I saw most of the acts and some of them surprised me. For example Galvanic Elephants sounded better than ever before. Leslie Da Bass had an effect on me even despite of it being so late at night. The most awaited act was of course Pedigree's acoustic set. The stage filled with band members and musicians and the tracks got reworked into a more mellow and soft form. The crowd loved it.

Kids from Põlva

And then it was Sunday morning. I watched some people pack up their festival chairs, tents and drive away. For some time there were still people drinking and raging on the benches but then it was all over and we drove off towards Tartu. A short stop for lunch at Aal club looking over the lake and then to bed.

Morning light at 6:30

If you want more, then read how it all started in 2011. But if you want to know more about my way in music, then I just told the Baltic Scene a little bit about myself.

See you soon,


Photos of Estonian summer

The summer is such a neverending adventure that it's hard to find time to retell it all. There have been too many different events to try to write about, but photos are even better for sharing the atmosphere.

Midsummer's eve prefire

When I'm not touring around Estonia, I'm working on my music and CitYearning EP, so if you haven't then check it out as well.

Marveling the summer beach on the coast

Summer heat in Tallinn

Girl in Tartu

Short skirts in Tartu

Living in a green house

Traditional Estonian summer menu

The coastline beach in Pärnumaa

Discovering that the palette already looks like a painting

Summer addiction to instant noodles

Catching the supermoon at lake Peipsi

Midsummer's fire on lake Peipsi

Grilling at sunset at Pärnumaa

Empty Tartu at night

More photos to come. See you soon at Mõisa Karneval festival this weekend.