Playing with a new toy.

The best of this years Estonian underground electronica

Welcome back!
It's been a busy week full of birthday parties, thanksgiving and other events. The quote is from Radio2 by Koit Raudsepp as he put on "Frank call". Here's some silly fun for a limited time - Pick up track (Songsmith salsa edit)

Zuks playing lounge music to three girls.

Me and Zuks played a back to back set in Nälg yesterday. The setlist included Dorian Concept, Tiga, Mstrkrft and Justice. I also brought an emergency kit with Fatboy Slim, Mylo and other well known classics in case of a dance crisis. The bartender kept us in check when we wanted to go too hardcore. It was another wild Saturday night with girls, occasional celebrity and great music. I can't recall how long we played because Henry Westons was on the house, but we certainly had fun. Zuks brought his special mixing console and it was a bit tricky to use but we created some magical transitions and loops. After finishing the cake of the day we ventured to Kink Konk. I might play there soon by the way.

Kaarel from Popop in his crib with a cat.

While we were playing, a French girl drew a picture of us. I'll post it to Facebook. So if you are not liking my page do it, so we can reach 300 and win the battle. It's on the right in the sidebar.

See you soon!


Lets do it together!

Your video propagates sex. I don't like that!

Welcome back!
Huge thanks for supporting our video! So many people have stopped me during last week to comment on it. So far the reception has been split between good and bad, but all good things are controversial. Most people want to know who is the star of "Frank call".

Girls enjoying drinks in Nälg.

Having a music video has been a dream of mine for a long time. It's really cool that it's on Tv now. In the coming weeks I'd appreciate your help with keeping it on Top7.
Help me by voting at Top7s website (my interview's there also). You can vote around 20 times from one ip. Together we can be number one and stay there for weeks.

Indie Djs pay for what they play at Nälg.

Popop was cool and featured the video. You can help me further by sharing the video on Facebook, Twitter or just make your friends look at it. This is one of those times that every ones contribution counts and is needed. Comment and like it on Youtube as haters are rolling hard there.

All girls like unicorns.

I'm working on the Ep and you'll have a preview soon. "Frank call" will be on it and some other tracks you already met, but also some fresh tracks. Excavator drivers' massive favorite "I dig dirt" will be there. "Pick up track" will be remixed by me or someone else. There are more projects lined up than I have time for.

Kicking it with Micrologue in the backstage of Errorfest.

See you soon!


TV debut tonight [updated w video]

Welcome back!
The time has come! Our Frank call video is ready to be seen. It premiered this Saturday at Errorfest and it battled on Etv2 at 20:45 tonight there's also my interview.

I spent the weekend in Tallinn for the premiere at Errorfest. On Friday I saw Micrologue from Germany and Masha Dabelka from Novosibirsk playing there. They both had cool sets and great personalities. Not too many people at the festival but just the right ones. The place was an old movie theater fit for 1000 person raves. Too bad there won't be too many shows played there anymore.

Fooling around with Eva Vaino

I played my show on Saturday. I enjoyed singing "Pick up track" through the megaphone as it gives the voice a powerful timbre. We have footage of the live thanks to Voltri and we will use it for our next video project. The festival was crazy and I'm still not quite sure what happened there, but it was fun. There be fresh shows coming up soon maybe even a Christmas Ep.

With Henry the dancer and Mihkel the painter.

Friends made this live very special for me. I have more photos from Errorfest. I will post them on Fluon once I have fully recovered. Enjoy the bad ass video, share it with others and help us by voting for it. Thanks for the support.

Derrida+1 liveshow.

See you soon!


Revealing the secret>

Congratulations on the house concert, it was well executed and interesting!

Welcome back!
I played a secret house concert to 20 of close friends and fans in my studio. It was a great show and a change from the usual format. It was more intimate and more for listening than dancing, which was an opportunity to play the calmer tracks. An hour long set with Badass Yuki remix, Deluxe and other unheard tracks. I hadn't played in Tartu for over a year.

Redlip shooting and the regular Fluon girl dancing.

Almost everyone invited came, plus 4 foreigners extra. They couldn't take it for too long, but it's their loss. No cops or neighbors showed up. Otherwise everyone was more or less on time, a great change from the usual "2 hours later" approach.

Playing the concert. The speakers and other equipment remain out of sight.

I want to thank everyone who came and made it possible. It was loads of fun and I plan to organize something similar again asap. Possibly for the EP release and then in Tallinn. Stay tuned not to miss it.

Zuks found the acoustic sweet spot under the table.

Thanks to Badonka Don King and Redlip for lending me the big ass speakers. Redlip also brought her boxer who contributed to the mood and whipped people with his tail. My cat wasn't a fan. We also got some footage from the concert and we'll use it in our next clip, immortalizing the participants.

Kaarel from Popop and his girl reading the Hobbit.

Join us on Facebook to know about the next [secret] show and other action. Watch Estonian Top7 on Tuesday as my video will be shown there and I need your help to help to win it.

Before I went to Paris in 2008 we had a house concert at Kiwas studio,
but it ended with the cops crashing it.

We're going to see real soon as Errorfest is already this weekend and I'm premiering my Frank call video there on saturday. I'll be playing a short and intense live with some fresh bangers. Take a sneak peek at the video>

See you there!