Absinthe and Danger

We're sorry to inform you that your camera is still being repaired

Thanks to everyone at the second Danger! Danger! it was a night to remember. The beginning was quiet and quite morbid. Redlip started with lounge music and I continued with techno. Both of us tired for different reasons. But towards midnight things kicked off and the dance floor was packed. The night ended with Redlip playing heavy dubstep and gabber. Out of nowhere ten chemical brothers appeared and started ravaging the dance floor. Zuks had a serious dance battle with one of those guys. We had to rescue him a second time when he had wandered into the new Shooters bar. The after party was at the terrace of Nott with a limo waiting. It wasn't waiting for us, rather trying to fit all the blonde girls in there. We also went by Kink Konk, where the security let us in for free and the bartender even gave us free cake. Chocolate cake! Next Danger! Danger! will happen as soon as possible and I haven't quite decided on the theme, but be prepared for danger.

2 bored DJs + art school computer class = 2 synced Youtubes.

On Monday me and Dj Minitel played at the launch of Wise Guys start-up accelerator. It might have been the first time that I have played a set and a live in one session. I don't think that anyone has any photos from that night and considering all the Mexican beer, it might be for the best. There was a loose dog who was begging for food and a foosball table for fun. Who wouldn't want to work in an office like that.

After party headdress.

On Wednesday Alver Linnamägi opened his exhibition at Hobusepea gallery. I recommend you go to see it, but bare in mind that these are not his usual awesome party photos. Instead it's a conceptual exhibition which takes some effort to grasp. There was an after party at his place with absinthe.

Drinking Absinthe at the after party.

On Friday a good friend was celebrating her birthday at Nott and it was a massive mess. Mr. Garfield played a live. We were drinking on the roof and all the people there were just right. Sign up for the newsletter on the right so you'll get my new bass track soon.

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No clothes were needed

The feeling that you've lived at the right time, comes at a private party in your underwear

It has been awfully quiet and the spring doesn't seem to be showing up any time soon. I did play a live at a private party in Tartu in the mean time. A girl's birthday, the walls were covered with the camouflage net and a single light was blinking in the corner. The heavy artillery was the smoke machine, which kept the atmosphere dense. It took place in Mimicry's studio. The party started with one of the toilets clogged and the other one's key had been lost. I went on just as I felt that if I have another drink I won't be able to play. Thanks to the eager girls dancing, it was appreciated.


Paul played a live with Kosmosepoiss, his former solo project over a couple of years (five?). So the party ended with the listeners in their underwear dancing away the night. Some of the guests improvised on the drums and there was an amateur rap and beat-boxing session. I got back home at dawn after a failed search for fast food and my legs hurt the next morning. As it turns out that I haven't played an open Live show in Tartu since November 2010.

Playing live.

It was a wild and fun night to remember. There will be another "Danger! Danger!" in Nälg this Saturday. The theme is electricity and expect nothing more or less than music we enjoy playing and that can't be heard at any other night in Tartu. This time Redlip will play instead of Zuks, because he is working on graduating, but he will probably still make a cameo appearance on the dance floor. Redlip will play glitch hop and maybe dubstep. I will play High Tone, Felix Cartal,  Noisia, Brodinski and lots of others. This is what went down last time.

I went to see Mimicry at Genialistid on Saturday. The event had three notable bands (Galvanic Elephants and Malcolm Lincoln). It had been a while since I've been there and it has been so packed. The bands were decent, but didn't actually surprise with much else than the pops and crackles from the speakers and Robin's thick beard. Sadly my camera is being repaired at the moment, so I don't have any photos. Step by the Facebook page to see the all time top 10 albums and tracks from the "Old but gold" section.

You should recognize these two half-naked boys.

See you on Saturday at Nälg and possibly at Tallinn soon enough. Keep an eye on my Facebook to know when the new track comes out. It will be soon enough, just got to get some technical things sorted.

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Morning, banks and stars: Tallinn Music Week part 2

Working as a musician means living in a bus for a year

...Waking up on last Saturday wasn't easy, but it had to be done. No breakfast and a tram full of angry people later I was back at the Hotel's conference center. (click here for part one)

Knob twiddling

One of the highlights of the conference was Edward Bicknell who has been the manager for Dire Straits and other celebrities. The first gig he booked was Pink Floyd and it was for 100£. He had some unbelievable stories about Led Zeppelin's deaf sound guy and what not. He was the first multimillionaire I've seen. Really rich people seem to have this aura of confidence which says: "I'm not afraid of anything, I have money to pay for it."

Check my demo panel at Tallinn Music Week.

I dropped my demo into the check my demo box and hoped it would get picked. "#¤%& it  didn't! Mart Avi was a favorite and Kazk, a close second. Then I had to go to sound check at LHV Bank. I even made my first video test in the backstage. Check it out:

I had some breakfast (not a burger) and then played my show. Two toddlers were very enthused and broke out their dance moves, other people stood still or were spinning in their chairs. After the show I got to sign a couple of autographs and to take some photos. At that point I had been squeezed dry and just wanted a power nap. 

Supersonic dancer

A brief visit to a friend's place with pasta and then we went to Von Krahl for all the indie bands. I didn't see a single act on Saturday. Mostly because the venue was packed full and the most spacious place was the delegate lounge. The night ended between four and five.

Special cards for TMW. You can ask for one if you see me.

It was a great festival and an introduction to the big music world. A bit sad that I didn't get a mention in the international media, but it will change soon.

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Iiris, underwear and lectures: Tallinn Music Week part 1

You went on in pink boxers! You're doing it right!

Tallinn Music Week went by so fast, but a lot of things happened. It happened despite getting 13 hours of sleep altogether during 3 nights and all the free alcohol we drank. The biggest rock star was president Toomas-Hendrik Ilves who gave a great speech about rock'n'roll at 10 am Friday morning, bubbly was served as well. The later copyright talk got pretty vicious with one of the speakers moping until the end. Before you read on, be awesome, like my page on Facebook.

I love this photo! By Keiu Maasik

The first night started with Iiris presenting her new album in Rock Cafe. It was crowded and it wasn't that easy to see the bands. Iiris did her pop show with cubes created in 3D mapping, it was the first time I heard the album. To be honest I don't remember much of all that. I do remember meeting a load of cool people and discussing music with them.

This masked man was cool to party with.

There were interesting lectures in the following days, even if it took a ton of will power to get up after 4 hours of sleep to get there. All this with a heavy bag full of live equipment and costumes. It was fun and informative despite all that.

Meeting Iiris Vesik after her album presentation. Too many drinks had.

After the lectures on Friday I grabbed a burger and ran to sound check which was an hour late, because of one of the bands. Everything worked and we went to get Paul a double cheeseburger. I spent the night between Hoov and Krahl. Respect to a Finnish act called Jaako and Jay, they're a duo consisting of drums, guitar and vocals. They play a hard folk-punk show with a lot of hitting and jumping and screaming. They remind me of Japanese Destroy2. They are both worth checking out.

Using low quality fuel to keep going.

I tried to sleep a little during Huskey Rescue, but Mimicry played an awesome live at Hoov. I love that they are almost fully electronical again and their sound has evolved somewhere that I really enjoy. I'm going to try to catch the next show they play. A couple of hours and beers later it was almost time to play.

Decent legs.

I was tired as hell from not sleeping and all the seminars and lectures, but I got into a cage, changed my boxers and shirt and pulled on my shiny jacket. Tiger Milk had taken half of the people and oxygen with them.  I just put on an extra set of balls and got on the stage. I took of my jeans and let my feet do the talking. There was a serious looking rock guy standing in the middle of the crowd, who never smiled or danced once. There were also girls dancing and guys throwing their hands in the air. Just as I finished my set, Paul stepped in, disappointed  that he didn't hear more than the last 3 chords he demanded for an encore. So I put on BYONoise. 5 Italians I had seen at Von Krahl stormed in and started rocking out.

Singing "Pick Up Track".
I played one more song just for them and then another. So basically I did three encores and it was the funnest part of the live. The aching neck was a reminder of that the next day.

To be continued...