Absinthe and Danger

We're sorry to inform you that your camera is still being repaired

Thanks to everyone at the second Danger! Danger! it was a night to remember. The beginning was quiet and quite morbid. Redlip started with lounge music and I continued with techno. Both of us tired for different reasons. But towards midnight things kicked off and the dance floor was packed. The night ended with Redlip playing heavy dubstep and gabber. Out of nowhere ten chemical brothers appeared and started ravaging the dance floor. Zuks had a serious dance battle with one of those guys. We had to rescue him a second time when he had wandered into the new Shooters bar. The after party was at the terrace of Nott with a limo waiting. It wasn't waiting for us, rather trying to fit all the blonde girls in there. We also went by Kink Konk, where the security let us in for free and the bartender even gave us free cake. Chocolate cake! Next Danger! Danger! will happen as soon as possible and I haven't quite decided on the theme, but be prepared for danger.

2 bored DJs + art school computer class = 2 synced Youtubes.

On Monday me and Dj Minitel played at the launch of Wise Guys start-up accelerator. It might have been the first time that I have played a set and a live in one session. I don't think that anyone has any photos from that night and considering all the Mexican beer, it might be for the best. There was a loose dog who was begging for food and a foosball table for fun. Who wouldn't want to work in an office like that.

After party headdress.

On Wednesday Alver Linnamägi opened his exhibition at Hobusepea gallery. I recommend you go to see it, but bare in mind that these are not his usual awesome party photos. Instead it's a conceptual exhibition which takes some effort to grasp. There was an after party at his place with absinthe.

Drinking Absinthe at the after party.

On Friday a good friend was celebrating her birthday at Nott and it was a massive mess. Mr. Garfield played a live. We were drinking on the roof and all the people there were just right. Sign up for the newsletter on the right so you'll get my new bass track soon.

Make it a Fluon moment!