Justice - Phantom remix is out

Justice - Phantom (Barthol Lo Mejor remix) by kuusteist

I finished the Justice remix and it's nice and fat. I especially love the sound after mastering it with Izotope ozone. The remix wasn't planned as a remix. I just sampled Phantom and used those samples in a song that was supposed to be called Justice in my house, but when I listened to it I understood that everyone would recognize the samples so it had to be called a remix. I'm all about remixes these days. The Tallinn Daggers remix is finished and making its way through the path of a new song. I will play a live on the 4th of September at a friends birthday party. It is the first one in 6 months and it will take place on a helioport in Tallinn which makes it all the more interesting. Most of the live will be unreleased tracks and remixes, but some of the classic tracks will be included as well.
There is an art auction going to be held soon. It features art from young artists and one of my paintings is on sale there. I managed to get some media coverage for the auction and so I'm hoping to sell my painting.

The photos are my press photos by Gabriela Liivamägi.
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My hot summer track spinning in France.

Yesterday I finnaly received my copy of the Europavox compilation. It's a festival that includes all genres and all European countries at the festival and on the compilation. I had tried to find it before on the internet but there's no mention of it. It's the first time that I have been featured on a compilation and I'm content that it's a French one. Other artists on the electro disc include Lo-Fi Fnk, Zombie Nation and Kissy sell out.

As the weather gets cooler I have more time to stay inside and work on my projects. I will probably send out the copies of my new novel to 3 publishers and see what they have to say. If all goes well it could be published before Christmas.
Also I'm continuing work on remixes. The Tallinn Daggers remix is almost finished and will be released in a couple of months on a single. There is at least one more remix that I'll be doing soon. It's a little bit early to talk about it but it will probably get released as well. So you will have some ear candy to listen to. Also I will make a little mix of the new tracks and remixes(including the yet to be released ones) and post it on my space soon.

In the past week I had two photo shoots and I should have the photos soon. The first one was with Gabriela Liivamägi and it involved a soviet playground and project housing and me playing the keytar and doing crazy stuff. It has a certain nostalgic vibe to it. This is a photo from an earlier shoot she did which I absolutely love and which inspired me to contact her.
The second shoot was with Timo Toots and it involved a field, an abandoned house and the railway. It will be interesting to compare the feminine and masculine POV. More on the photos when I get them.