It's My time to...

"Tartu nightlife won't be same without you"
Hey you!

I've recovered from midsummer's wild party. It was by the biggest lake. At some points it felt like a sea. Beautiful nature and good company. There we took the truth or dare to a new level. The truth option was banned, only dares were accepted. Unbelivable things happened, here are some photos from our game.

Girls kissing

I just graduated from Uni. I now have a BA and according to the speeches I heard, a long way to go on my academic path. The best part was when my friend from Paris congratulated me with a bottle of prosecco. We continued to celebrate in the park and had dinner after that. I might post that photo of me in a suit soon.

This was supposed to be a lapdance

Nothing is keeping me put anymore. I'm considering moving to Tallinn or maybe further to Berlin or NYC. I will figure it out during summer and I'll let you know once I've decided. But before that we still have to celebrate summer together.

Doing it in doggystyle
I've been working on a crazy electro track, but it still needs some taming. The next thing I want to give you is a mix of all the tracks that should be on my coming Ep. After that I will give you me, rapping the pick up track on stage, at Mõisa Karneval. It's a must go festival and I hope to see you there for good times sake.

Having a drink from her bellybutton

I now have more time to work on my tracks and the EP. I will keep you posted on the progress. If you know any net labels who might be interested in releasing my tracks then contact me.
See you soon!


Do you dare to play with us?

"What was your best time like? How many foreign guys have you done? Go kiss that boy on the cheek!"
Hey you!
I'm glad to see, that we've reached 250 on facebook. Our nights have been busy, but I hope you've had time to enjoy my pick up track. Do you need to know more? Let me think - yes, yes. yesyes.

Our new favorite game to play while out, is truth or dare. It usually results to people confessing their sexual fantasies to strangers, talking to people in French about their slutty earrings and demanding for hugs and kisses. I had to pole dance and to ask a bum to teach me a dance move. He didn't know any, so he asked another bum. He didn't know any either. Won't reveal any truths, as you really have to be a part of it to get the juicy details. It's my favorite way to spend an hour or two at night. There are always 3 to 8 participants, who usually do what is needed. If you don't know how to play I'll give you a quick how to.

How to play truth or dare>
Form a circle. Spin the bottle in the middle of the circle. The spinner asks "truth or dare" from the person the bottle points at.
Truth > the person has to answer a question by the spinner.
Dare > the spinner tells the person what to do. For example: "kiss that guy."
After completing the task that person is the new spinner. Have fun trying it out despite the fact that you're over  18.

At daytime I went to jam with my friends band. They were missing the vocalist and the drummer so they put me in charge of the Yamaha drum machine and novation K-station. Last week a jazz drummer taught me about music theory, mostly about chords. For example the most common melody in pop is 2-5-1 (DGC in C major). I had the opportunity to use my new skills. I'm better at composing melodies than actually playing them. Nonetheless it was fun and we're going to do it again soon. I'll be implementing these new skills in my fresh tracks.

I remind you that Mõisa Karneval in Mooste is approaching. I recommend you join us for the fun as Robotaanika Park 2011 won't be happening. I'll rap the pick up track live. Maybe we'll have you playing truth or dare with us somewhere. Meanwhile leave your truths into the comments.
See you soon!


The pick up

"All the artists will show up for the beginning of the party and we'll decide then who plays when"
Hey you!
As promised the Pick up track is here. Push play and enjoy. If you want to sing along, then the lyrics are below. Download the mp3 for free from the player.

The moral of the song: Do yourself a favour - don't be cheesy. Forget all the pick up lines you know and just be cool. Have a good time and others will follow you.

"Fuck your cheesy lines", that's what they say.

Walk through the door feeling alright,
stand up straight smiling wide.
Did I forget to mention?
Be in the center of attention.

Meet my friends at their table,
trying to get the night unstable,
get a drink, but only one,
to record all the fun.

The girl with blond hair, blue eyes,
everyone's looking but noone tries,
she's the one I'll be doing,
I count to three and I go in.

Say: HI, look her in the eye
- the only line that works every time.
Do I want to buy her a drink?
Let me think - NO.

The pick up isn't easy,
if you're being cheesy. x2

She looks mad and turns her back,
your parents raised you better than that,
they can do the thanking,
after you get your spanking.

You have the attention so hold her,
casually touch her shoulder.
Don't be overly cocky,
hold your horses in tongue hockey.

Before you can head down south,
girls like it when you use the mouth,
teeth, tongue and lips as well,
with good stories to tell.

Don't keep acting like a ho.
I'm not your average joe.
Stop the pointless hassle,
spend the night in my castle.

For the nice guys, here's an article about psychological controversy over saying "I love you" - Never tell a woman you love her. I'm also posting my review from Postimees. It's in Estonian, but I told you the main points in my last post about the half naked bearded man.

For play ep review in Postimees.

I'm working on another song about party crashing. I'll record the vocals when I find a place to do it. As you know the owner of our last studio got thrown out.
See you soon!


Half naked bearded man

"You should call your new Ep 'two out of ten'"
Hey you!
It's been close to 30C every day for two weeks now. We've been continuing our beach trips but there have been events. Read on for the half naked bearded mans house party and the pond island ambient show.

It's so hot, that girls resort to ripping up their stockings.

I was at a house party. It's a legendary house among students. The people living there have always formed a tight community. Their parties are legendary and always end on the roof at dawn. Most of them go to art school just across the street.  They had fireworks, loads of cakes and a live band. It consisted of two guys playing guitars and singing songs about bearded half naked man. The band was called Prägnantne Brigaad (later renamed to Odd Hugo). I also met a girl who was turned on by handcuffs at the party. She kept admiring my bracelet, I'll post it soon.

Prägnantne Brigaad singing songs about half naked bearded man.

This Saturday, Postimees published a review of my For Play Ep. I heard I got two points out of ten, but as it turns out it was out of five. My music was called 2006 and fit for art school basements filled with semidrunk girls in pink. I find it disappointing that it took 4 months to review it. No worries, I'm working on new and fresher stuff for the new ep. It will mix techno, house, electro with the beach. It will have vocals and massive sound - preserving the summer feel forever.

We went to an ambient and experimental music audio gallery. It was in the botanical garden on the island in the pond. It was a secret show with only word of mouth invitations. No facebook event or posters. That's quite refreshing. There were loads of cool people there and the music fitted the gardens. We really enjoyed that event even despite the hoards of mosquitoes. Just wondering the gardens, sipping a drink and feeling the nature and sound combine.

Girl going for a quick dip in the pond.

We sent a friend to get booze for the mojitos. She didn't get any because she was kicked out of the shop for indecent exposure. She wasn't naked, just not wearing a lot of clothes. So remember - no shirt no service.
See you soon.


Glitter and Scars are nothing.

"The art of Kiwa is a labyrinth, or rather a labyrinth in a labyrinth."
Hey you!
I was just at the opening of Kiwa's exhibition "Ameerika Protsess Loss" in Y gallery. The crowd waiting for half an hour, but then Kiwa entered, and how. He chopped through a white wood door with an axe. Woodchips were flying all over the room with people jumping out the way. Referring to the scene in Shining. As usual Kiwa mostly dealt with nothingness in his artworks.

Artsy girl posing in front of the frames of nothing from movies.

My favorite artwork was "Castle" - big glittering letters on the wall saying glitter text. A very simple and clear work, real eyecandy. The other works were more conceptual including typographical works which reprinted the same classical quote over and over again in different formations. I liked that Kiwa had used a real typewriter for that.

Kiwa in front of glitter text. Photo by Terje Toomistu from avantyristid.

 I usually prefer Kiwa's visual artworks to the more conceptual ones (his landscape paintings for example). I find his sense of pop aesthetics pleasing and inspiring. His book "the way of the robot is displacement" influenced me when writing "Popdada".

Crowd waiting for the opening.

I'm still working on my tracks and experimenting with combination of different styles and genres, but most of them have "beach" in them. Last track I worked on was a techno track called "Beauty in pain". I aim to get a 5-6 song Ep together and I'm looking for an electro net label to release it. It will be lighter than For Play Ep and it will have a summer feel to it. If you know any net labels I should try then contact me or write them in the comments. Music Alliance Pact with my track should be out on 15th of June so get ready for a free mp3 download of my Pick Up Track.

People discussing Kiwa's scarring body art.
Enjoy the summer sun, beach and maybe an occasional mojito (the recipe). I will can the summer into a thousand tracks of beach electro/house/techno. 
See you soon.


Wild mojito nights with Folke Westside

"Thanks for writing Popdada. Loved the story :D"
Hey you!
We've been celebrating for four days. The days on the beach and the nights out. Things are getting wilder and wilder. This summer is going to be about new wild tracks, shows and nights. It's the season for making mojitos. I'm going to share my mojito recipe for your enjoyment.

My mojito recipe>

Take lemon, mint leaves and two spoonfuls of brown sugar. Throw them in a glass and smash them up with whatever does the job, a spoon for example. Stir in 4cl of white rum. I don't use Bacardi rum in my recipe because it tastes like soap to me. You can use the cheapest booze if you don't have rum. Fill the glass with ice and then soda. Taste it and add another dash of rum. It's especially good if you smash in some strawberries. If you don't have mint then use nettle instead and stinging nettle for that extra kick. Leave your mojito ideas in the comments. 

We went to genklubi on friday to a Folke Westside, Mimicry and Galvanic Elephants concert. Mimicry and Galvanic Elephants played rather short sets. I heard most of their tracks. I liked all of them, but Folke Westside from Finland was the main surprise. They had an ecstatic stage presence, which made people dance and jump like crazy. Even my friends who claimed to be tired shot into the crowd of moshing and pogoing people. Five crazy band members on stage, one of them mostly playing the shaker and all of them half naked. Well not the vocalist, because he got totally naked and slapped his cock to the bassist's ass. It was a wild party.

I like that Mimicry's not playing as a band anymore, instead it's just Paul making the music and Kene on the vocals. Their show has a lot more power and it's more similar to my lives. Paul had always been in the background rocking to his beats, but now he gets the people hyped with his energy in the center of the stage. I've enjoyed the collaboration we've had together and there will be more of that in the future.

People listening to Galvanic Elephants.

More on music soon, I'm working on new tracks and looking for a label to release them. The Pick up track will come out on June's Music Alliance Pact. I'll let you know when it's out. My next show is on the 8th of july at Mooste Manor.
See you soon.


Kicking it on the beach in Portugal.

"I dreamt about your book a couple of nights ago"
Hey You!
I'm back from Portugal with a sunburn. I have wanted to visit Portugal for a long time and now finally I did. It was loads of fun. Portugese is a crazy language. I know French and a little Italian and Spanish, so I understood some of what was written, but nothing from listening. I especially love Portuguese rap, because it sounds badass.

I didn't want to take the train leaving the beach paradise Lagos.

We spent most of our time in Lagos. It's a beautiful town with everyone going out to party every midnight. During the day they are mostly laying on the beaches or curing their hangover with seafood. There are loads of small beaches between the golden rocks. That's where I got my sunburn. It was really hot but the water was just right. You could just lay on the water and let the tides wash by.

Secretive Dona Ana beach in Lagos.

The water is light blue and really clear. It was calm the first days but the waves were heavy in the end. The beaches are free and wearing a top is optional. It was a really inspiring place to be, I will to put that emotion into my coming summer house tracks. New tracks in the coming weeks.

People kicking it on the beach - the idea of my new track.

When we arrived on saturday night, we unpacked and headed out to find a bar. We got thrown in to a bar called Wolf's Lair. It had a happy hour until 1am with 2 for 1 cocktails which cost only 3.50. The people working there were crazy (in a good way). My favorite was Amy from New Zealand who kept adding rum to my cuba libre until there was almost no coke left. We circled the block, but Wolf's Lair was the place to be. They had a jenga challenge with the loser buying the shots and people dressed up as black Michael Jackson or a fairy man to get the people in. If you end up in Lagos then I recommend the Wolf's lair, it's a rua silva lopez 5.

Only photo from our Saturday night out in Lagos.
It's a shame that I didn't get to be at any Kuduro parties I have heard so much about. Kuduro is Angola techno with a dance that was inspired by Jean Claude Van Damme.

Leave the best/worst pick up line you've ever heard in the comments. My fresh rap track "Pick up track" will tell you which one I think is the best really really soon. Meanwhile share this blog with your friends.

See you soon.