Wild mojito nights with Folke Westside

"Thanks for writing Popdada. Loved the story :D"
Hey you!
We've been celebrating for four days. The days on the beach and the nights out. Things are getting wilder and wilder. This summer is going to be about new wild tracks, shows and nights. It's the season for making mojitos. I'm going to share my mojito recipe for your enjoyment.

My mojito recipe>

Take lemon, mint leaves and two spoonfuls of brown sugar. Throw them in a glass and smash them up with whatever does the job, a spoon for example. Stir in 4cl of white rum. I don't use Bacardi rum in my recipe because it tastes like soap to me. You can use the cheapest booze if you don't have rum. Fill the glass with ice and then soda. Taste it and add another dash of rum. It's especially good if you smash in some strawberries. If you don't have mint then use nettle instead and stinging nettle for that extra kick. Leave your mojito ideas in the comments. 

We went to genklubi on friday to a Folke Westside, Mimicry and Galvanic Elephants concert. Mimicry and Galvanic Elephants played rather short sets. I heard most of their tracks. I liked all of them, but Folke Westside from Finland was the main surprise. They had an ecstatic stage presence, which made people dance and jump like crazy. Even my friends who claimed to be tired shot into the crowd of moshing and pogoing people. Five crazy band members on stage, one of them mostly playing the shaker and all of them half naked. Well not the vocalist, because he got totally naked and slapped his cock to the bassist's ass. It was a wild party.

I like that Mimicry's not playing as a band anymore, instead it's just Paul making the music and Kene on the vocals. Their show has a lot more power and it's more similar to my lives. Paul had always been in the background rocking to his beats, but now he gets the people hyped with his energy in the center of the stage. I've enjoyed the collaboration we've had together and there will be more of that in the future.

People listening to Galvanic Elephants.

More on music soon, I'm working on new tracks and looking for a label to release them. The Pick up track will come out on June's Music Alliance Pact. I'll let you know when it's out. My next show is on the 8th of july at Mooste Manor.
See you soon.