Glitter and Scars are nothing.

"The art of Kiwa is a labyrinth, or rather a labyrinth in a labyrinth."
Hey you!
I was just at the opening of Kiwa's exhibition "Ameerika Protsess Loss" in Y gallery. The crowd waiting for half an hour, but then Kiwa entered, and how. He chopped through a white wood door with an axe. Woodchips were flying all over the room with people jumping out the way. Referring to the scene in Shining. As usual Kiwa mostly dealt with nothingness in his artworks.

Artsy girl posing in front of the frames of nothing from movies.

My favorite artwork was "Castle" - big glittering letters on the wall saying glitter text. A very simple and clear work, real eyecandy. The other works were more conceptual including typographical works which reprinted the same classical quote over and over again in different formations. I liked that Kiwa had used a real typewriter for that.

Kiwa in front of glitter text. Photo by Terje Toomistu from avantyristid.

 I usually prefer Kiwa's visual artworks to the more conceptual ones (his landscape paintings for example). I find his sense of pop aesthetics pleasing and inspiring. His book "the way of the robot is displacement" influenced me when writing "Popdada".

Crowd waiting for the opening.

I'm still working on my tracks and experimenting with combination of different styles and genres, but most of them have "beach" in them. Last track I worked on was a techno track called "Beauty in pain". I aim to get a 5-6 song Ep together and I'm looking for an electro net label to release it. It will be lighter than For Play Ep and it will have a summer feel to it. If you know any net labels I should try then contact me or write them in the comments. Music Alliance Pact with my track should be out on 15th of June so get ready for a free mp3 download of my Pick Up Track.

People discussing Kiwa's scarring body art.
Enjoy the summer sun, beach and maybe an occasional mojito (the recipe). I will can the summer into a thousand tracks of beach electro/house/techno. 
See you soon.