Half naked bearded man

"You should call your new Ep 'two out of ten'"
Hey you!
It's been close to 30C every day for two weeks now. We've been continuing our beach trips but there have been events. Read on for the half naked bearded mans house party and the pond island ambient show.

It's so hot, that girls resort to ripping up their stockings.

I was at a house party. It's a legendary house among students. The people living there have always formed a tight community. Their parties are legendary and always end on the roof at dawn. Most of them go to art school just across the street.  They had fireworks, loads of cakes and a live band. It consisted of two guys playing guitars and singing songs about bearded half naked man. The band was called Prägnantne Brigaad (later renamed to Odd Hugo). I also met a girl who was turned on by handcuffs at the party. She kept admiring my bracelet, I'll post it soon.

Prägnantne Brigaad singing songs about half naked bearded man.

This Saturday, Postimees published a review of my For Play Ep. I heard I got two points out of ten, but as it turns out it was out of five. My music was called 2006 and fit for art school basements filled with semidrunk girls in pink. I find it disappointing that it took 4 months to review it. No worries, I'm working on new and fresher stuff for the new ep. It will mix techno, house, electro with the beach. It will have vocals and massive sound - preserving the summer feel forever.

We went to an ambient and experimental music audio gallery. It was in the botanical garden on the island in the pond. It was a secret show with only word of mouth invitations. No facebook event or posters. That's quite refreshing. There were loads of cool people there and the music fitted the gardens. We really enjoyed that event even despite the hoards of mosquitoes. Just wondering the gardens, sipping a drink and feeling the nature and sound combine.

Girl going for a quick dip in the pond.

We sent a friend to get booze for the mojitos. She didn't get any because she was kicked out of the shop for indecent exposure. She wasn't naked, just not wearing a lot of clothes. So remember - no shirt no service.
See you soon.