The pick up

"All the artists will show up for the beginning of the party and we'll decide then who plays when"
Hey you!
As promised the Pick up track is here. Push play and enjoy. If you want to sing along, then the lyrics are below. Download the mp3 for free from the player.

The moral of the song: Do yourself a favour - don't be cheesy. Forget all the pick up lines you know and just be cool. Have a good time and others will follow you.

"Fuck your cheesy lines", that's what they say.

Walk through the door feeling alright,
stand up straight smiling wide.
Did I forget to mention?
Be in the center of attention.

Meet my friends at their table,
trying to get the night unstable,
get a drink, but only one,
to record all the fun.

The girl with blond hair, blue eyes,
everyone's looking but noone tries,
she's the one I'll be doing,
I count to three and I go in.

Say: HI, look her in the eye
- the only line that works every time.
Do I want to buy her a drink?
Let me think - NO.

The pick up isn't easy,
if you're being cheesy. x2

She looks mad and turns her back,
your parents raised you better than that,
they can do the thanking,
after you get your spanking.

You have the attention so hold her,
casually touch her shoulder.
Don't be overly cocky,
hold your horses in tongue hockey.

Before you can head down south,
girls like it when you use the mouth,
teeth, tongue and lips as well,
with good stories to tell.

Don't keep acting like a ho.
I'm not your average joe.
Stop the pointless hassle,
spend the night in my castle.

For the nice guys, here's an article about psychological controversy over saying "I love you" - Never tell a woman you love her. I'm also posting my review from Postimees. It's in Estonian, but I told you the main points in my last post about the half naked bearded man.

For play ep review in Postimees.

I'm working on another song about party crashing. I'll record the vocals when I find a place to do it. As you know the owner of our last studio got thrown out.
See you soon!