#180 Lomo Fisheye photos

Welcome back!

This time the post is all about Lomo Fisheye photos. Special thanks to Olle for letting me lend it and to everyone who gifted me film for my birthday.

Enjoying wine in the kitchen.

The Neon Gold mixtape is on the way, here's the first peek at the design that once again was my responsibility and the first track. Most of the tracks have been formerly released on the web. However they have been creatively mixed together to give them a new context and to reveal new sides to them. Some of the 17 tracks are unreleased.


Special places for spoons in their hearts.

Not enough chairs in the kitchen.

The decks at bar Noorus, playing Danger Danger.

Dj Cyprien on the decks and princess shots.

It was getting late.

But it was still fun.

And shots.

Red Emperor celebrating women's day.

Working on graphic art.

Riding the neon rod in the rad office.

Snow or sun, the sea is fun.

See you soon!


#179 - Dorian Concept and other spring moments

WLCM bk!

Been working on the Neon Gold Mixtape with Trash Can Dance. It will be a limited release on 50 CDs in 5 different color cases. Should be out in March.

Test launch of Plutonium shots at Danger Danger 5.

Admiring the last photo.

Dorian Concept's worn down Micro Korg.

RBMA Estonia movie premiere.

Red Emperor beer pong

I lent a Lomo Fisheye