We partied harder than Kylie Minogue!

I burned down the house yesterday. Luckily only things that ignited were the people and a bit of my hair - beat that, Kylie. Playing with sparklers again.
Welcome, there's a player on your right. Push play and get into last nights party mood as you read about and see all the fun we had with the night>

While Kylie was singing we partied. Soldiers are prancing at our national parade at the moment. I was commanding another army yesterday - an army of dancers. So many different people dancing to the beat of my kick drum: art school students, curators, Russian thugs, musicians, good friends and models.

My favorite contemporary dancer (and fan) - Henry showing his support for me and beer in the front row once again. I was still sober yesterday, I have been for all of  February. It's an useful experience, I discovered that a hangover is only 30% about the consumed alcohol. Fashion Tv is still good to watch with any kind of an hangover, especially when fashion week is in Paris.

Photographer, listening instead of shooting on the right and a curator getting his first dose of my music.

The only video I have at the moment is from the sound check, but as you see people were dancing already.

The party was organized by the people from Estonian Art Academy. Lucky me as they took some really good photos. Bookmark me, I'll share them with you as soon as I get them. Also thanks to the organizers, the party was well organized, fun and an experience. I'm looking forward to working (partying) with them again.

I couldn't have done it without all of you dancing there. I appreciate that and also thanks for the feedback. See you soon. I'll let you know where and when and then we'll tear the night apart once again.

There would have been more people but a lot of people went to see Kylie Minogue, she was rumored to attend our party also, but I didn't see her.

Another party played and  special night shared. If you didn't make it this time then at least you saw the photos and heard the stories.
See you soon.



United we party!

"I dreamed  a heap of cocaine last night. I'm awake now!"
Welcome, read on for more about the night>

I can't believe I didn't get selected to play at Tallinn music week. Some bands were contacted ahead and asked if they wanted to play at TMW without competing for the slot. Some bands were invited back for the second year. That's totally unfair. I was on MTV Iggy a year before their new favorite Iiris and still got no recognition. Music doesn't have to be about (hippies with) guitars. Let people have the warm dripping basses and heatwaves blowing out of the speakers. Girls in little clothes just dancing to the beat of the kick drum at the tight parties that go on till the morning. Estonian electro needs a week as well. There is an electro festival coming in May, but more on that soon.

With no help from the big organisation it's up to us to make it happen. We have to do this together. If you like party music then share my new Ep with one person who might enjoy it. Do it however you can - link them to my Ep, share it on facebook or play it to them from your iPod. This music is for all of us, to get hyped up to and to get wild at the parties. Share it with other cool people ;)
I'm playing in Tallinn this week though. Bring your dancing shoes as I will show you how things get crazy.
I'll play an unreleased track and sing on it myself: "All the highway shiny lights, calling us away. I can't resist the urge to follow!" I'm considering different ways to get wild. I gave up on the cowbell solo as it's usually louder than most of the soundsystems.
I received  a lovely comment on my last post. She told me that she finally read my book "Popdada" which she "loathed" for two years because of the cover (it's up there). Now she can't go to parties anymore because they aren't as good as the ones in the book. I love to get comments from you. If you think of something then leave a comment and check back soon for my answer.


How to spend Valentine's day?

Hey friends,

happy valentines day! I hope you have a busy one with the night ending in the sheets. I'm still enjoying mine, but I took the time stop by and wish you a happy one with this pink girl sucking a lollipop.
This is your present for valentines day. It's a frame from the visual that Vj Kri made for I S2 U. It's pink and sweet enough for valentines. It will be online for you in a week or so. It features a lovely girl that we shot for a music video in 2008. It was supposed to be for my track Give me chemicalls but it never happened in the end. It's too bad because it had loads of candy in the colors of the rainbow and her flirting with the camera.
Come back soon for the visual.

How to learn scales on keyboard? Just color code them like I did. 4 different minor scales in  different colors. My skill on keys can use lots of improvement so that's what I'm spending my time on at the moment (not today ofc). Talk to you soon. I have a show coming up in Tallinn, but more on that soon or just follow me on twitter. See you soon!



Our nights are full of music.

Hey you! I have something to tell you:
In case you didn't know what I S2 U stands for, this picture helps. It's half past two at night over here. I just love staying up for the night, listening to good music - I'm listening to Mark Ronson - Bang (U-tern dub) on manalogue atm. I got a new haircut today. It's really short and has a military feel to it, it was partly inspired by Frankmusik and maybe Armand Van Helden, I got tired of my Ritchie Hawtin haircut.
I'm super happy with YOU! For Play ep has been downloaded 125 times, thanks for joining our party. If you haven't then get it started here. I've had some press coverage of the release but the best feedback I received was a letter on facebook saying: "For Play ep is awesome! I just had sex to I S2 U :)" It always makes me happy if you join the two things I S2 - my music and sex.

I'm organizing a local gathering of musicians tomorrow. It's a good occasion to see what the other musicians are thinking. I have a couple of collaboration plans with some singers. It's powered by soundcloud. If you have soundcloud, then follow me, because I'll share exclusive tracks through it. If you don't have it then join my mailinglist and get the tracks as well.

I spend the Friday in Tallinn with Redlip. She had a gig in Ekkm. It was nice to go on a trip especially with such good company, the three hours in the car felt like 20 minutes. I'm editing the clips I filmed during the trip to a tiny documentary. I'll probably post it here also.

I'm feeling sleepy now. Thanks for reading, listen to my music and comment. See you soon.


For play ep

You're at the right place. For play ep was released by XLR.ee at midnight. 
Click the girls back to download for free >
For play" gets you ready for the night's parties. 
Dress up, play it and shout YEAH!!! The bass tears a hole 
in the dark and the neon light shines through. 
Make way through the streets with you head held high. 
Greet the bouncer, enter the party and feel the beat. 
We are there for you and we S2 U. 
The wild night with the party twins awaits.

More free music at: xlr
If you want the high quality, then support us at: Juno download
The beautiful cover was photographed by Gabriela and designed by Tajo. Big thanks to them.

Listen to the tracks, pick your favorite and let me know in the comments/facebook page.