#187 Neukölln night

Hey welcome back,
Another busy week has passed in Berlin.

I love places like this, with the postered walls and the lighting.

First of all I finished the remix for Käärkäsi's track "Without You" and here's a part of it for you. It's somewhat dark and melancholic, so be prepared. Don't worry there will be summery tracks soon as well. The whole track should be released soon, it's not up to me.

I'll keep it short for words for this post and let the photos tell the night's story.

On the East side of Berlin, not far from us, there's a bar called Old CCCP.

The graffiti in Berlin's toilets form a kind of an aesthetic pattern.

Invite only event for the "culture people", launch of a magazine.

We also saw a film shoot involving a bunch of people getting into a white stretch limo.

The lights on the way were captivating, especially  after rain.

Modelling on the way to Neukölln with whatever we find.

Watching the early dawn from a new friend's Neukölln balcony.

Friends from Estonia made it.

A picturesque view.

At the market waiting for the local guide.

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See You soon!