#188 stories of Berlin

Welcome back
Another busy week has passed in Berlin. As usual I make music and play ping pong every day and we walk in the parks when it's sunny and during night time we go to bars and eat döner kebabs. Instead of one big story I'll give you the mini stories with every photo from this week.

After a hard night of work, the best thing is to have a beer in the sun at Humboldthain park.

Jaan Toomik opened his video and painting exhibition this week in Berlin.

Trying on baggage for size at the display window.

Some CSI type of car accident around Hermannplatz.

Finding Admiralbrücke in Kreuzberg and enjoying the vibe until the police came over and kindly asked
us all to leave the bridge with the moderate noise, because the people had paid good money
to live with silence in the flats on the side of the bridge.

Late night drive through shopping on a rainy night.

Meeting people from New York when admiring her jewelry. She was
similarly enthused when I told her she would be on an Estonian
night life blog. This all happened outside of a spätkauf 
on Oranienstrasse.

The vicious alligators in the Neptunbrunnen.

Neptunbrunnen night dip.

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