Top 10 Tartu nightlife venues - current

These are the top 10 venues I go for the nightlife in Tartu. (This was posted in 2012 and sadly the top three venues have since closed and not many new ones have taken their place)

10. Illegaard - a (former) Jazz club and allegedly the first gay venue in Tartu. A few concerts and events take place there and it's probably the only bar where you have to pay for tap water. The layout is cool though and there's room, if not to sit then at least to move around.

photo of illegaard from likealocalguide.com

9. Illusion - a former cinema and the prettiest commercial club in Tartu. there's music from retro to D'n'B and if you want to go clubbing then Illusion is the way to go. Girls flashing legs and guys getting drunk with a great light show and bass. Not much to do except for browsing the meat market, unless there's a special appearance.

A really good overview once again from likealocalguide.com

8. Teine Maailm -  used to be just Maailm before new management. Occasional alternative events take place, but otherwise it could be considered a mini club. Hosts dubstep and commercial nights and occasionally the likes of "Neljapäev with lazers".

Legendary "Neljapäev with lazers" night , classy shot by Mr Whip.

7. Möku - I would say it's the offspring of Zavood. It was my favorite venue when it was opened an it was ran in a fresh way. The best part was that it turned Rüütli street into a never ending festival with up to hundred  people drinking and socializing and hooking up. Now the local police has destroyed that scene by constantly patrolling the street and fining people for public drinking.

The crowd in front of Möku which is by the umbrella.

6. Zavood - the father of  alternative Tartu nightlife. I remember looking in through the windows when I was 11 and getting thrown out of there when I was 13. It used to be a obscure smoky student bar. Now it's an end-of-the-night spot with cheap beer and super drunk people dancing on a square meter at 3 am. Not much to do there before midnight.

I couldn't leave this photo of Zuks in Zavood out :D

5. Pirogov - hardly a venue, but a picnic area, the only place in Estonia where it's legal to drink in public. From the first warm of days of spring, it turns into a non-stop festival of drinking (minors), tanning and an occasional fight. You should know which side of the park to stay on and not to pick up any empty bottles, as both of them might end up with an ass kicking.

Didn't find the author to credit or a photo depicting the night-time madness.

4. Genialistide klubi - for a long time Genclub was the only place to go for an alternative concert. The biggest alternative venue in Tartu. It's also a theater and a cafe with a wide variety of events happening on it's two floors. It's a culture central and possibly a way of life for the people working there.

A concert in Genialistide klubi

3. Nälg - the most recently opened venue.
This restaurant/club/boutique has a flashy design  with it's custom made Dj booth and the light fixture. The dancefloor is one of the smallest in Tartu, fitting around 20 people side by side. It's still being established and we'll see how long their appeal lasts.

Last time I played in Nälg.

2. Nott - now reopened after court hassles with the neighbors. It's the best venue during summertime with it's outdoors terrace where the party goes on until 6-7 a.m. The beer and cider are cheap and the goers are cool. The drinks are reasonably priced and the bartenders usually have great taste in music.

Blurry Nott terrace 

1. Kink Konk - former Plink Plonk indie club, is now an electronica club. Ran by real music lovers, the venue is well organized and firendly. It has cheap prices for beer, cider and long drink. There are lots of couches for sitting and a reasonable dance floor. The nights include house, techno and hip-hop, usually the Thursdays are free.

Photo of Kink Konk by Märt Kose

Check out also the top 10 of past Tartu venues here. Which would your top venues be? Leave a comment.
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