Hunting season begins

Dope ass beat

Welcome back!
Friday's party was my first live of the year. Below are some photos by Keiu Maasik. I played at 3 am and by then the backstage Jack Daniels and dry cider had worked it's magic. I had rehearsed the set 2-3 times before so it wasn't an obstacle. Too bad cold had taken it's toll on my voice and I couldn't sing Pick up track.

Starting my set

The organizers had constructed a cage on stage and fitted animal skins on the walls. Also we were the first to try the new subwoofers in Von Krahl as I heard. The sound was decent and enjoyable. Thanks to everyone who took part in the Facebook draft, 56% of  partakers won a free ticket. Not bad as a number!

Me and Tõnis the Organizer
I enjoyed playing my live over couple of months and I plan to do it again soon. Finishing the E.P. is priority right now and I still have to finish one track and get a design. After that it's ready to be in your night in the clubs, on the radio and on your iPod .

See you real soon!