About to blow!

In this post: Barthol at Tallinn Music Week and playing at Nälg.

Hey you, welcome back!
As you might know, I'll be playing at Tallinn Music Week. I'll be playing on two different occasions. On Friday at the showcase for Rada7 in Hoov, I jumpstart the night at 2 a.m. Next day we'll recover at LHV bank where I play an early show at 18:30 and I believe it's free. Bring your bodies, energy and friends.

This is how it went last time! Photo: Keiu Maasik

I've been working on the special set already and it's going to be shorter, more intense, but also smoother. It will have all the tracks from the fresh EP and possibly some unreleased ones or remixes. It's going to be a dance night at least at Hoov on Friday.

Mark it in your schedule.

Another jumpy gif!!

Coming Friday, 2nd of March we're playing in Nälg with Zuks. We'll be playing beats to dance to. It's going to be explosive so be careful! Bring someone to watch out for you and wear a hardhat at all times. Photos will be taken and you could end up on these pages if you dance, are naked or do something else worthwhile. The last couple of times our shows have gotten out of hand and I hear I'm not allowed to have Westons anymore, but we'll just see about that.

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The EP will be released here on the 7th March. More about how the EP tracks were born and at what time you should listen to which track, in next posts. See you at Nälg!