Back from Bars-celona!

Guess what, Patrick! I got to hang with Barthol!

Hey you!
So much has been going on that I don't know where to begin. I spent a week in Barcelona, which was loads of fun. Of course the local bars were a huge hit, but we also happened to be there in time for two simultaneous festivals. One of them was Llum, a light festival and their 3D mapping show was super. Also the timeless architecture of Gaudi really got me thinking about stuff. Sorry about the photos, as you know my camera was killed by a crazy bitch so I hadn't mastered the cameras I got to use.

Kicking it with Sponge Bob, Patrick was jealous.

Flying to Barcelona didn't go as smooth as it could have and I'm not talking about prissy Russian babes refusing to put away their luggage in the exit row. And I don't mean the Barcelona stoners, who kept pushing the stewardess button. As we were approaching Barcelona the plane went into the biggest free fall I've ever experienced. Twice!  I resisted the urge to lift my arms and shout: "weeeeee".

Our first night out was on La Rambla and Placa Reial where we met other Estonians and a French guy. As we were enjoying our plastic cups of wine, three cop cars came to the square. At first they were harrasing the local guitar hippies, but in the end they reached us and forced us to leave the square (in order to keep drinking publicly). Some wandering followed which was ended by dropping an unopened bottle of wine. It was a sign, we turned off Rambla to the narrow dirty alleys looking for a bar. We found a big one, at least for Barcelona. It had a DJ playing and a couple of drinks later I met him and I got to push buttons on the mixer. We ended the night with a spicy kebab and a half an hour of looking for a night bus to get back to our place. We found a bus that stopped only eight blocks away.

Other cool things to mention. Sagrada Familia is the coolest church I have ever been to. The sun shining through their vitrages beats most of the clubs lighting systems. Also its ceiling is super high and the pillars look like trees. It really is the one thing to see in Barcelona.

A producer night in a Barcelona record shop.

Many more things happened in Barcelona and back here, but I won't try to cram them all into this post. The biggest news is of course that I will be playing at Tallinn Music Week!!!! I'll cover it in the coming posts.

See you soon!