Garage and a birthday

A rising star in the estonian electro house scene

Welcome back!
The first photos from my new samsung WB700 camera. I tested it at a friend's birthday. The fridge was waiting for us with rainbow jello shots. There was a variety of tastes and colors, I remember champagne and vodka mojito flavor ones.

The birthday girl getting down.

Later in the evening there was almost a fight as someone had taken a girl's gin without asking. She eventually calmed down and left. Don't mess with people's liquor, you might get stabbed and lets face it, gin isn't worth that.

Before the guests arrived.

One of the best presents was a whole grilled chicken. The guests tore it limb for limb and ate it bare. I contributed a bag of dumplings, that were a great end to the party when we left for the center. So it's always a good idea to bring food to a party, unless it's organized by Italians, they never run out of good food at their parties.

A stilist, because the book matches his clothes and sleigh.

There was a girl in the kitchen who confessed that after getting a perfect score on her high school essay, her life had only degraded.

Karl, the biggest playa at the party with girls and boys wanting a piece of him.

Playing truth or dare had been banned forever and no substitute game had been found. Afterwards we went to Nott, where we met others and continued our night.

Zuks, multitasking - taking the last jello shot while leaving.

I played a closed live at Garage48 event on Sunday. Nothing special, but I'll take any opportunity I get to prepare for the grand finale at Tallinn Music Week this Friday.

At the Garage48 startup event.

The cool part was that I got to meet David Noel from Soundcloud there. There were also a couple of people who were enthused about my music and the whole thing was broadcasted live. I got to stay on the stage and switch on music in between teams.

For whale tail lovers.

See you at Tallinn Music Week!


Meeting the president

[Your EP is] really fierce!

First thing I saw in Tallinn on Wednesday, was the President signing books at Solaris with Ewert buying something just ten meters away. I stood so close that if I reached out my arm I could have touched his bodyguard. After that I was ready for the first brief about the upcoming Tallinn Music Week. There were other music business celebrities present. I sat with the guys from Laika Virgin. On Friday I went to show where all the rock bands consisted of marketing people. It was a strange new experience.

Young live at Nälg. Taken with my new camera.

I bought a new camera to replace my broken Canon powershot A610. After research I went for the Samsung WB700. The verdict is that it's a decent camera if you have enough light (natural/flash), but in the dark it's dirty like a slut. I'll give my best to get more good photos and videos with it, especially videos.

This guy is a booze hound.

These are some photos I rescued from my canon. They're from a trashy art festival with a wild performance. It took place in the children's art school gallery. The children had left already. The walls are covered with a street-art exhibition. It reminded me of the art-school parties I used to go to as a teenager - trashy and unimaginable.

"I made us these gowns and then I rode my husband all the way from home."

The EP has been received quite well although there could be more listeners. Share it with your friends, I'm sure that everyone can find a track that suits them. I've given two interviews relating to the EP, but they are in Estonian. I might translate them for you if you want to read them. Also ask any questions you would like me to answer in the comments.

Make it a Fluon moment!


There's a different way to listen.

A musician who's favorite verb is "jumpstart" can only be an energizer bunny.

Finally my years work is released as an Ep. Each of the tracks from the EP can be listened to at a special time during the time. Here's a scenario relating the 8 tracks throughout a day.

Noon: Starting the day, listening to "Ocean Sound Wave" at the beach. Watching the surfers, enjoying a tasty cocktail and feeling the sun on your skin. No plans for the day except for killing time.

I enjoyed this Portugese beach.

17:00 The day has passed. Back at your place, you turn on your stereo and "Vacation Dustination" is playing. Time to change into a suit for a night out with friends. You play air guitar to the track even though there's no guitar in there. You have a good feeling about this night.

Working in my studio.

Dusk: All dressed up you go out to your favorite bar to see if your friends are already there. The speakers play "Frank Call". You join them at their table and you try to get the night unstable.

21:00 Now "TV Bitch" is playing. You are pregaming at another bar, when you see a gorgeous blonde. You walk over and introduce yourself. She turns out to be an aspiring actress and a major bitch.

22:00 You leave for the club, on the way you encouter a student mob. They're shouting and banging a beat on  empty barrels. The police is approaching from the other direction,"Molotown" is playing in you ears as you witness the clash. You decide to take the metro instead of walking.

A starting student riot in Paris 2009

Midnight: You finally get to the club. "BYONoise" being played on the stage. A perfect wild night. The girls are half naked and the guys are beasts. This is the place to be!

02:00 The night is getting out of hand, the track "I Dig Dirt" sounds like a heavy machinery demolition derby. It's almost too much for you, the beasts seem to enjoy it. You breathe in the chaos to enjoy it before you leave.

04:00 "Deluxe" is playing from the cab radio when you are going to a friend's afterparty. The streetlights shine in your face and passing cars leave traces with their headlights. It's a bit of a blur and the road feels endless. Soon enough the sun will rise again.

Make it a Fluon moment!


Unleashing the beast!

"...both EPs are very good and out of the eight tracks only one didn't fit. It wasn't bad, but somehow didn't fit with the others. Otherwise pure LOVE!"

Hey, welcome back!
The quote is by Trash from Trash Can Dance. Only a couple of days before the EP is unleashed. There's a new page up there on the right and on the 7th you can find the EP there for downloading, at the moment the artwork is there for you to enjoy. If you can't wait then some tracks are already available at my Soundcloud and Popop posted "Ocean Sound Wave".

by Keiu Maasik

These are a couple of photos from our Danger! Danger! night. The new girl, Tamhiis started the night with some hard bangers and from there on the night was like a runaway train (runaway train never going back). As I started playing two familiar girls appeared and started dancing. Last time we were playing they were dancing, but I've never seen them at any other parties. A coincidence, secret fans or dancing stalkers? We'll see at the next "Danger! Danger!"

Zuks pleasuring his machine. Photo: Keiu Maasik
I say, there's still hope for Estonian music, even despite Ott Lepland winning the "Eesti Laul" contest. Lenna, stay strong, you were a jewel! The show was barely watchable, but we managed thanks to support from friends, drinks and a hookah. Celebrate "Black March" with us and stop listening to major labels stuff for a month.

On fire at Nälg. Photo: Keiu Maasik
Except for an awesome taco-margarita night at Tiigi street, not that many other news from this week. Most of my energy and time is focused on getting ready for Tallinn Music Week and unleashing the EP. It has been a hassle doing most of it by myself, but I have to thank Zuks for his advice on the design and Keiu for helping with the photography. It has been a valuable experience. I expect a couple of reviews in online and offline media, I'll post them as they appear. If there are no new blog posts, check my Twitter feed on the right, I post news as I get them. Be sure not to miss my free live at LHV office on the 31st in Tallinn.

Make it a Fluon moment!