There's a different way to listen.

A musician who's favorite verb is "jumpstart" can only be an energizer bunny.

Finally my years work is released as an Ep. Each of the tracks from the EP can be listened to at a special time during the time. Here's a scenario relating the 8 tracks throughout a day.

Noon: Starting the day, listening to "Ocean Sound Wave" at the beach. Watching the surfers, enjoying a tasty cocktail and feeling the sun on your skin. No plans for the day except for killing time.

I enjoyed this Portugese beach.

17:00 The day has passed. Back at your place, you turn on your stereo and "Vacation Dustination" is playing. Time to change into a suit for a night out with friends. You play air guitar to the track even though there's no guitar in there. You have a good feeling about this night.

Working in my studio.

Dusk: All dressed up you go out to your favorite bar to see if your friends are already there. The speakers play "Frank Call". You join them at their table and you try to get the night unstable.

21:00 Now "TV Bitch" is playing. You are pregaming at another bar, when you see a gorgeous blonde. You walk over and introduce yourself. She turns out to be an aspiring actress and a major bitch.

22:00 You leave for the club, on the way you encouter a student mob. They're shouting and banging a beat on  empty barrels. The police is approaching from the other direction,"Molotown" is playing in you ears as you witness the clash. You decide to take the metro instead of walking.

A starting student riot in Paris 2009

Midnight: You finally get to the club. "BYONoise" being played on the stage. A perfect wild night. The girls are half naked and the guys are beasts. This is the place to be!

02:00 The night is getting out of hand, the track "I Dig Dirt" sounds like a heavy machinery demolition derby. It's almost too much for you, the beasts seem to enjoy it. You breathe in the chaos to enjoy it before you leave.

04:00 "Deluxe" is playing from the cab radio when you are going to a friend's afterparty. The streetlights shine in your face and passing cars leave traces with their headlights. It's a bit of a blur and the road feels endless. Soon enough the sun will rise again.

Make it a Fluon moment!