Hilary Duff seizure

"She's the essence of bad"

Hey You!
It's Hilary Duff's birthday. I care because I remixed one of her songs and what better present to give, than a breakcorish remix with sped up vocals - Hilary Duff - Beat of my heart (Barthol Lo Mejor Seizure remix). It's from way back and it will be up for a limited time, so download it now. I usually play it on top of Robopogo at my lives. I'm also trying to remix Deep Purple - Space trucking, as requested by one of you. I make no promises, but I'll drive it until it becomes banging.

The video for Frank Call is close to complete. So if you know a cool party, where we could premiere it, let me know. If you're missing us in between then join us on Facebook, there's stuff going on there.

See you real soon!


Festival fever #3

"I would like to have your work printed on a full suit."

Hey you!
Last weekend I enjoyed the Art ist kuku nu ut festival. This time the fever was the good kind. It was the art festival of the year over here which was born from the ashes of the former art month. I had my "Shades of grey" exhibited there - three prints filled with dollars, pounds and euros. The concept has to do with the virtuality and symbolism of money and the differences between different currencies. It also works as an op piece. I recommend seeing it for yourself as the physical aspect is important, but you can see a detail from it below.

A blonde in front of "Shades of grey"
Detail from "Shades of grey"

We spent most of the weekend going from a show opening to another and discussing art and culture with the foreign guests. It was inspiring to meet and discuss art with people from around the world. The best known artist exhibited was Marina Abramovic. Her show was put up at the leaning museum of Tartu. The opening are always crazy, not so much time to look at the works, because it's mostly about socializing. We had fun with Kaarel from Popop and Anni from Style hurricane. I'll definetly go back to see it again. Also I didn't get to see everything at our exhibition. I liked the plane video by Laura Toots, it reminded me of the av show about planes and airports at Plektrum couple of years ago. Unfortunately I can't remember the name.

Checking the bus schedule for the imaginary stop in front of the gallery.

There was also a show called "Away from Tartu" in Y gallery with a dark tunnel leading through the gallery. First you had to take a number and wait for your turn before the locked door opened and you could venture into the dark tunnel. There was also a temporary bus stop installed in front of the gallery door with the stop name being Away.

Neringa Cerniauskaite from artnews.lt by the river

The festival was well organized and had exhibitions, film screenings, discussions and a Russian dinner. All the night ended in local bars and clubs. Saturday mornings hangover breakfast was especially fitting. Much respect to Rael and Kaisa for organizing Tartu's art event of the year and I hope it will be organized next year as well with a club night included. Come have fun with us on facebook.

See you soon!


New tracks out

"Justice for all"

Hey you!
Justice has a new video out. It's called Audio, Video, Disco and it's more retro than the their earlier music. The video is once again by So Me, the artistic director for Ed Banger Records. I don't know why French bands turn to a retro sound, but it also happened with Kap Bambino on their Blacklist album. Justice and Kap Bambino nevertheless stay in my top ten. Enjoy the video>

Here's some of my fresh music, "Ocean sound wave", it will probably be on the next EP. It's inspired by the ocean. If you want to swim in it right now, then go to Barthol Lo Mejor facebook page and answer the question with your favorite track and you'll get it before the release.

Our exhibition about post soviet capitalism/escapism is getting closer. We open on the 16th at the Vanemuise Artist's house in Tartu. I won't tell you anything now, but I'll write more about it after the opening. Come and see for yourself.

Video still from our video for Frank Call.
The video is going well, the third cut is complete and there won't be any more shoots. We still have to polish the colors and other details so it's perfect. All of the process has been loads of fun and people so far have appreciate our raunchy girl getting wild in the city, but there's still much work to be done. More on the video soon as well.

See you soon!


Fluon at Eclectica #2 Bassy Byetone

"This is the best party I've been to!"

Hey you!
Yesterdays Matemaatika was yet another Eclectica style epic party. The best part was Byetone. Here's a video of him playing at the OFFF festival>

Kaido and Eva were first with their with their punk electronics set. It was enjoyable except for the fact that Eva was somewhere in the dark. We only heard her, but she's a girl worth seeing as well. Lithuanian Metroscan had an interesting show, but it was almost unbearable. There were difficulties with the sound system so the harsh sound hurt peoples ears. Luckily I had an earplug. Their visuals were great thou.

Byetone playing his bass music.

The star of the night was BYETONE. I hadn't heard his music before, but it didn't matter. His beats were hard and the visuals were hypnotic. Everyone on the dancefloor was dancing. Byetone started with "Plastic star", numbers ticking behind him. The people dived into the heavy music music head on and everyone in the venue was dancing instead of the usual first five rows. The bass kept sweeping the dance floor and people threw their fists in the air. The last track was a special killer and it was sad to see him go so we got him back on the stage. He confessed that he doesn't have an encore so we got everyone chanting: "Same set! Same set!" until he played "Plastic star" one more time. People went wild, Kiwa Noid and Renca climbed on the speakers and had a synced dance which ended topless. There are photos of that on xx blog.

Kiwa Noid "Plastic star" strip dance show.

The party ended at 4 am. We continued the night at Karl T's house. It's his birthday, so happy birthnight from Fluon. The after party had 40 people in a small apartment and the speakers on max. The big finalle was the police arriving at 6 am because of all the fun we were having. We unsuccessfully tried to throw them out, because no one invited them to the party. No one got taken away and Karl T didn't get a fine. The after party continued on the streets and around town.

The police sent us on the street.

Get ready for another wild night, listen to party music from the player up there> and put your dancing shoes on for Vakula - the Ukrainian house master who will be playing tonight in Genklubi at Eclectica.

See you there!


Fluon at Eclectica #1

"His music is great, you can listen to the concert from the other room."
Hey you!
Eclectica started yesterday with a concert featuring Robin Guthrie, the founder of Cocteau Twins. It was very hypnotic shoegaze ambient concert. With Ragatmika opening for them, the whole experience was a great way to calm down for a moment before the wild weekend. I only wish there would have been couches and pillows to chill out.

Ragatmika with their electronic folk sound

Tonight's party at Eclectica is called Matemaatika. It includes Byteone, Metroscan, Kiwanoid and Eva Naleva + Kaido Kirikmäe.
About the artistsByteone is an AV artist from Berlin who mixes digital sound with images and math. Metroscan is a Lithuanian composer whose show makes shapes structure the electronic music. Kiwanoid creates an environment of sound art, conceptualism and music that alters perception. Kaido mixes electronics with Evas punk vocals.

Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins with his solo AV project.
We'll be there tonight to witness the artists. The screenings are already happening in Genklubi. I hope to see you there as well and also on Saturday when Vakula from Ukraine is playing. Don't miss the epic Eclectica parties with all the craziness on and off the stage.

See you soon!