Hilary Duff seizure

"She's the essence of bad"

Hey You!
It's Hilary Duff's birthday. I care because I remixed one of her songs and what better present to give, than a breakcorish remix with sped up vocals - Hilary Duff - Beat of my heart (Barthol Lo Mejor Seizure remix). It's from way back and it will be up for a limited time, so download it now. I usually play it on top of Robopogo at my lives. I'm also trying to remix Deep Purple - Space trucking, as requested by one of you. I make no promises, but I'll drive it until it becomes banging.

The video for Frank Call is close to complete. So if you know a cool party, where we could premiere it, let me know. If you're missing us in between then join us on Facebook, there's stuff going on there.

See you real soon!