New tracks out

"Justice for all"

Hey you!
Justice has a new video out. It's called Audio, Video, Disco and it's more retro than the their earlier music. The video is once again by So Me, the artistic director for Ed Banger Records. I don't know why French bands turn to a retro sound, but it also happened with Kap Bambino on their Blacklist album. Justice and Kap Bambino nevertheless stay in my top ten. Enjoy the video>

Here's some of my fresh music, "Ocean sound wave", it will probably be on the next EP. It's inspired by the ocean. If you want to swim in it right now, then go to Barthol Lo Mejor facebook page and answer the question with your favorite track and you'll get it before the release.

Our exhibition about post soviet capitalism/escapism is getting closer. We open on the 16th at the Vanemuise Artist's house in Tartu. I won't tell you anything now, but I'll write more about it after the opening. Come and see for yourself.

Video still from our video for Frank Call.
The video is going well, the third cut is complete and there won't be any more shoots. We still have to polish the colors and other details so it's perfect. All of the process has been loads of fun and people so far have appreciate our raunchy girl getting wild in the city, but there's still much work to be done. More on the video soon as well.

See you soon!