Fluon at Eclectica #1

"His music is great, you can listen to the concert from the other room."
Hey you!
Eclectica started yesterday with a concert featuring Robin Guthrie, the founder of Cocteau Twins. It was very hypnotic shoegaze ambient concert. With Ragatmika opening for them, the whole experience was a great way to calm down for a moment before the wild weekend. I only wish there would have been couches and pillows to chill out.

Ragatmika with their electronic folk sound

Tonight's party at Eclectica is called Matemaatika. It includes Byteone, Metroscan, Kiwanoid and Eva Naleva + Kaido Kirikmäe.
About the artistsByteone is an AV artist from Berlin who mixes digital sound with images and math. Metroscan is a Lithuanian composer whose show makes shapes structure the electronic music. Kiwanoid creates an environment of sound art, conceptualism and music that alters perception. Kaido mixes electronics with Evas punk vocals.

Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins with his solo AV project.
We'll be there tonight to witness the artists. The screenings are already happening in Genklubi. I hope to see you there as well and also on Saturday when Vakula from Ukraine is playing. Don't miss the epic Eclectica parties with all the craziness on and off the stage.

See you soon!