Who killed summer?

"I feared worse, but now I have Tonight's parties on repeat."

Hey you!
The prison was opened for partying once again last weekend. There were tall fires started all around the coast of Estonia as a part of a pagan holiday. We played a hot set with Redlip on the prison beach. There were people in the Dj shack with us drinking vodka and asking to mix on the traktor S4. Other people were asking for Phil Collins or jungle. We freely interpreted those requests.

Another holiday involving a huge fire.

The part of the night we didn't play we spent with good friends. Getting sand in our shoes and tasty drinks inside us. Didn't have a place to crash so I just pulled an allnighter on the beach with the chosen few. Suggest a place for me to crash after my next gig in the shouts, below. Suggest gigs as well.

There's something about prisons that makes you want to escape.

Hours later, we greeted the Japanese sunrise at the beach - the big red sun rising from the sea. I seized the opportunity and played a short live including singing "Urge to follow" without a mic. Another couple of hours later we went sun tanning on the prisoner cages. The last tanning opportunity this year. The prison is a really magical place and I recommend going there. We had a private tour and it was awesome. As it turned out I was the only one who hadn't been jailed. We left at 4pm next day, when the prison was full of visitors and the old ladies had arrived to work.

Me and Mati made it through the night and we almost went for a swim in the morning.

The video shoot continues. We made a rough cut and found the parts we need to reshoot or recut so there's still work left to be done. Luckily the shoots amuse us and it's refreshing to work in another medium. More on the video and the shoot as we complete it. We just have to fix the beginning and the end, the middle part is done.

Meanwhile the autumn comes with an important event. Eclectica festival starts tomorrow. Eclectica has played an important roll in my creative development as it has introduced me to electronic music,  interdisciplinary shows and I've played some priceless shows there. I'm excited to see what the festival brings this year. Robin Guthrie a champ of hypnotic guitarpop and the founder of Cocteau Twins will play tomorrow. The show starts at 7pm. I'll be there and we'll probably go shooting afterwards. I'll keep you posted.

See you there!