Police assisted shoot...

"Next one will do it. It's police! I'm still going to ask them."
Hey you!
We're playing a B2B electro set with Redlip tonight at Patarei. Yes, it's back to the prison for us and we're going to make you dance until your feet hurt. With Don rimini, A1 Bassline, Pnau and Bobmo in the playlist.

We've been shooting a music video. It's about a wild girl going out for a night and all the crazy adventures that happen in the night. We're almost through with shooting. We will still shoot a scene that require sexy girls. Only your below the waste part has to be sexy. Contact us asap if you want to be in the video. Along the shooting loads of crazy stuff has happened.

The girl dancing on the white line.

The best part was when we didn't have enough light for a hooligan scene. So we were going to stop the next  car and make them light our set. As our actress stopped the next car, it turned out to be a police van. She asked them anyway. They agreed to light the scene and even turned on extra searchlights. We got good footage for that scene. By far the best experience I've had with the police.

A private solo moment

A thanks goes to Redlip for her camerawork, our actress for doing everything we told her to, all the people cheering for us during the street make-out scene and the drunk guy who fell over just so we could get it on tape. We will start editing soon and I'll keep you posted on the progress. Meanwhile come party with us tonight and find me to take a photo for Fluon together.

See you soon.