Beachy birthday party

I know your music, I listened to it 5 years ago

Hey, welcome back!
This hot weekend was a busy one and only the first part of it will fit this post. I was invited to play a set at Mc Lord's birthday at Võsu beach club. That place had the vibe of "Ocean Sound Wave".

Girls wrestling in the sand in the morning

It's a beautiful place especially when the weather is good. Too bad I don't have any photos of the suburban setting between the forest, it felt like a mix of American and Scandinavian setting. It would be great for shooting a music video.

The crew going to the party

The night was full of acts and DJs from the Rakvere scene like Kalvik, Udu and Öökülm. There was also a set by Sigue Sigue Fabrique and a breakcore live by Eeter. As much as I recall it was all great stuff.

Finally made it to the beach

The party caught on like a wildfire and around 100 people were taking everything that the sea, forest and the acts on the stage had to offer.

Pretty beach girls were waiting for us.

Hey look over there...

...more pretty girls!

Sigue Sigue Fabrique feat. Horse smoky Dj set

At around 6 am I got kicked out of the place. I had been sleeping on the ledge over the stage. With no car or tent to sleep in, I joined the last party-harders who were drinking on the beach. That's also where I got out my sleeping bag and took a 2 hour nap in the sun. To my amazement I didn't get sunburned.

The morning after with Mc Lord the birthday boy

When I got up again, it was time to go to the shop for water, ice cream and food. After that we went for a swim in the sea, not far from where Robotaanika Park had been held.

Next day, next party - Koit at Viljandi

Next day it was time for the next party in Viljandi. See you at Tartu on the 9th of August where I'm playing two shows. The first one in Nälg and the second one in Gen Club.



Mutant Disco at Sinilind

Your newer tracks are, how to say it, more boring I guess

Hey, welcome back!
As I promised, here are some photos from Mutant Disko which took place in former Kinomaja, now Sinilind venue. As I had to work I made it there only at 4 a.m. when most of the people had left and only the after hours people were still at it.

Getting retarded on the mutant dance floor.

The place itself is really big and has 3 different stages and bars plus several rooms. The crowd was great and I got to see Raadž, Raul Saaremets, Siim Nestor and Rhythm Doctor. The party was hot even despite the fact that I had just ended a 12 hour shift at work.

Dj Raul Saaremets spinning records at 4 a.m.

This was the place where I got to play with Vector Lovers in 2009. It was a show at the Plektrum festival. He was a great laid back guy and the same goes for the guys from Plektrum.

The birthday princess working at the bar.

I don't remember that much about the music, because I was tired and we'd had a bottle of wine on the roof, but the sound was really great on the big stage and the room has great acoustics. I hope to write about the place again real soon.

Some people couldn't even keep their shirts on.

To get to the smoking area all you had to do was to climb just out of the window. It's gate was facing the main entrance street so you could share a smoke and a cigarette with the people outside. The bold and the beautiful were were doing just that as I arrived.

I've started redesigning Fluon, so leave your feedback in the comments. I plan to stick with darker tones as it's mostly about night life, but I might get rid of anything black. The cyan-purple-pink scheme will switch towards orange and something else. The banner will be redesigned as well.

See you soon!


Love and Marriage go together like parties and Fluon

You're from fluon.bläöüõgspot, yeah, it had too much ladies' underwear for my taste

Welcome back!
So much stuff has happened that I can't fit it into one post. Here's a new track to accompany this post - "Speed Courrier", reminiscent of Dj Hell and Arnaud Rebotini. Push play and read away about a friend's wedding and Kultuuritolm festival.

Kultuuritolm was a great festival and I got to see the main acts despite being at work until midnight. The main act Molly Nilson reminded me of Lana Del Rey at times. Her performance was enjoyable. El Mayonesa was the first act I saw, he played at the jungle stage, which was hidden in the bushes and a different dimension altogether.

The tunnel towards the light, to the jungle stage.

Andres Lõo played his new set which was reminiscent of 70's industrial rock and/or electronics. It was very much his style with the main emphasis being on the conceptual side and less on the sound and story. It was a bit dry for my taste, but as you can see from the photo, a lot of people enjoyed it.

Andres Lõo's audience.
There was a spontaneous table tennis tournament at 4 am and it took us an hour to get back home afterwards. It was yet another great party at the Patarei Prison. It's just too bad I didn't get to stay until the sunrise.

Paul Sild from Badass Yuki

There's no party like a wedding, once you're done with the ceremony and the silly games or just get drunk enough not to be annoyed. I went to a good friend's wedding recently and had a lot of fun. The morning after at work was of course the exact opposite.

The couple in white.

Instead of a crappy band, there were two dubstep (and stuff) DJs playing, who managed to play funk and retro instead. A waitress praised that kind of alternation.

Dj giving the guests something to dance to.

The table was full of food, wine and vodka. That was mixed up with coffee and Henessy in a couple of hours. The next morning I managed to create a perfect hangover drink. It's water with lime and a dash of regular tonic. It tastes like aspirine water without the pain killing benefits, but it's just what I want in the morning. As most hangover avoiders know that you have to take the painkiller in the middle of drinking for relief.

The groom being congratulated.
I also went to the Mutant Disko at the new place that's called Sinilind (Bluebird). As this post is already full, I'll tell you about that soon, in the next post. There's also a good chance that I'll be working there.

Ott from Tank Gallery, showing of his intimate tattoo at the wedding.
I'm also planning to redesign Fluon, so put all your complaints and ideas into the comments. The black background will go for sure and probably some shades of purple also. There will be more photos and as frequent posts as possible.

Thinking about going for a swim at dawn.

See you soon!


Festival fever #4 [updated]

Look, no one is listening to you, put on some retro tunes.

This weekend was filled with festivals. Mõisa Karneval was yet again a rad party. Last yeat I had undiagnosed pneumonia during it, but I still stayed and played.  The weekend drained me completely so I'm just mostly going to post photos.

The man behind Mõisa Karneval

On Friday I played at a remote corner of Estonia where the borders of Latvia, Estonia and Russia meet. People attending were mostly young mothers. It was cool trip to the countryside even though the crowd wasn't feeling the music. Saturday morning I took a car to Võru, missed the bus, but got another one and walked something like 5 kilometers through Põlva to hitchhike to Mooste. I was lucky to stop a car on a narrow road inside the city. They took me straight to the festival.

This summer's first festival for me.

At mõisa Karneval I was greeted by the faces of "the second day" and my +1 who was about to leave for his cat's funeral. I didn't mind because the manor was filled with great people I knew and was about meet. I was to play first, but I didn't actually mind, because that gave me more time to enjoy the festival as I had missed the first day.

Marco Tasane live concert with dancers.

We did loads of fun stuff that I fail to recall at this moment. It's almost midnight and I'm still recovering. I did manage to see at least a couple of songs by Shelton San and Marco Tasane. I have no idea where the time vanished, but I did manage to stay up until 6 a.m. It was such a wild night that the new slip-ons I wore there are almost destroyed.

I started the set with Bong Ra, as I was pretty sure that people would spend the most of my set outside. To my amazement there were youngsters who came to dance and by the end of the set there was a pack of teenagers who wanted me to teach them how to Dj and something else. They also kept keeping me their drinks whenever they liked what I was playing. One of the biggest hits was Chopper - Viawhore, an Estonian hard electronics track from around 10 years ago. The producers is playing in Talbot now. I got to play another set at 4:30, but soon enough an insisting girl came and forced me off to let Uku play psytrance.

With the Red Bull party mobile

Even the second day was hard for some.

The morning after with Tutti Frutti

The Sunday morning was a hard one, as most of the people who woke up were still drunk and it was hard to leave all the great people and good music behind and go back to the city. A cider, a swim and a drive later we were back in Tartu and there was nothing else to do than spend the hot day on the beach.

Mart Manic, the techno man said that he had to end up on Fluon, so here he is. Enjoy it Mart!

See you soon


Brand new POV

Your music and its vibe does remind me rather of the surge of disco around 'New Rave' that happened around 2006-7

Welcome back! Here are some photos of the events I went to. These are shot on film as well and I like the vibe. The first event was the opening of Garage48's new hub. It's a great place and I recommend visiting it.

Here's the dog waiting for his turn playing the foosball at Garage48 hub.

I have moved to Tallinn and so I'm away from my main studio, but I hope to work on my new side project. I won't call out the name before I have the first track-like bits. It will be probably more live than my previous stuff, something in the lines of Sex Drive Live. I do hope to get out the several tracks that are almost complete. I just have to find the time.

View of Garage48 hub opening party.
This weekend I'm playing two sets. The first one is on Friday at the "Tsiistrenuka art and music festival" and the other one is at the Mõisa Karneval. If you like to dance hard then you should be there with us.

Wasted On the balcony at Tigutorn in Tartu.

The best news is that I finally got my new camera. It's a Nikon P300 and I'm impressed with it's capabilities of taking photos in low light, it's also a wide angle so it's perfect for my needs. It also means that there are going to be a whole lot more photos on Fluon and I plan to post them real soon.

See you soon