Festival fever #4 [updated]

Look, no one is listening to you, put on some retro tunes.

This weekend was filled with festivals. Mõisa Karneval was yet again a rad party. Last yeat I had undiagnosed pneumonia during it, but I still stayed and played.  The weekend drained me completely so I'm just mostly going to post photos.

The man behind Mõisa Karneval

On Friday I played at a remote corner of Estonia where the borders of Latvia, Estonia and Russia meet. People attending were mostly young mothers. It was cool trip to the countryside even though the crowd wasn't feeling the music. Saturday morning I took a car to Võru, missed the bus, but got another one and walked something like 5 kilometers through Põlva to hitchhike to Mooste. I was lucky to stop a car on a narrow road inside the city. They took me straight to the festival.

This summer's first festival for me.

At mõisa Karneval I was greeted by the faces of "the second day" and my +1 who was about to leave for his cat's funeral. I didn't mind because the manor was filled with great people I knew and was about meet. I was to play first, but I didn't actually mind, because that gave me more time to enjoy the festival as I had missed the first day.

Marco Tasane live concert with dancers.

We did loads of fun stuff that I fail to recall at this moment. It's almost midnight and I'm still recovering. I did manage to see at least a couple of songs by Shelton San and Marco Tasane. I have no idea where the time vanished, but I did manage to stay up until 6 a.m. It was such a wild night that the new slip-ons I wore there are almost destroyed.

I started the set with Bong Ra, as I was pretty sure that people would spend the most of my set outside. To my amazement there were youngsters who came to dance and by the end of the set there was a pack of teenagers who wanted me to teach them how to Dj and something else. They also kept keeping me their drinks whenever they liked what I was playing. One of the biggest hits was Chopper - Viawhore, an Estonian hard electronics track from around 10 years ago. The producers is playing in Talbot now. I got to play another set at 4:30, but soon enough an insisting girl came and forced me off to let Uku play psytrance.

With the Red Bull party mobile

Even the second day was hard for some.

The morning after with Tutti Frutti

The Sunday morning was a hard one, as most of the people who woke up were still drunk and it was hard to leave all the great people and good music behind and go back to the city. A cider, a swim and a drive later we were back in Tartu and there was nothing else to do than spend the hot day on the beach.

Mart Manic, the techno man said that he had to end up on Fluon, so here he is. Enjoy it Mart!

See you soon