Birthing days

I feel being transported back to the 90s

For the last months I've been working on making my first CD. It's a 90s influenced Ep called CitYearning and it should be done soon. As inspiration I took UK and Estonian bootleg CDs of the 90s. The tracks are inspired by (living in) the city and the different lives and experiences. Not to leave you hanging without insight into the nightlife. Here are photos from a wild birthday party somewhere in Tallinn.

A sandwich doesn't come easy.

Hold on!

How to dance to dubstep.

The drinks and food.

Praying to the altar of One Direction.

Taking a photo of taking a photo.

She was worse as a foot model.

Cooking with Mona.

The tattoo.

Best face.

Every party needs fuel, why not super garlic.
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Wet Erasmus party

shame I couldnt make it

This Friday I went to the Aura pool party yet again. Last time's pool party involved many incidents, some of which didn't fit on Fluon. The party had better music this time. It might have been, because instead of an eramus DJ there was a mixtape playing.

Crammed into a hot tub.

This time I almost didn't make it to the party. We started driving from Tallinn at around 8. That's when I got a call saying that there's a spare ticket for the pool party, but I had to make it before 10:30 when they closed the doors.

Erasmus is unisex by nature.

I urged our driver to make haste so I could join in on the wet fun and drinks. As we reached Tartu I jumped off, grabbed a pair of trunks and got back on the car.

The dancers getting ready for their act.

 My ticket was supposed to be under a fake name. But as I reached Aura water center I saw a familiar face on the door. Of course the girl knew I wasn't Mihkel and asked me for the piece of paper.

No drinks allowed to be brought in.

I couldn't also reach my friends to find out why there was no ticket waiting for me at the door as they had texted me. So I stood there calling and waiting, watching all the people go in.

Erasmus-orgasmus crew.

After I had tried to get hold of them for the third time, the girl I knew waved me in. I was happy and headed to the dressing room without looking back.

Hot tub number two.

I couldn't find my people anywhere inside so I headed back to the lockers. As it turned out they had arrived after me, not before. And when they tried to leave the ticket for me, they were informed that I was already let in.

Strike a pose.

The four hours of the pool party went as usual. The drinks-water slides-sauna-light therapy routine like the two last times.

The house with its inhabitants.

Of course we had to go on the balcony with practically no clothes or shoes on, to see who catches a cold. It seems I succeeded, send me honey.

A lot is going down in the pool.

The aroma sauna is always a cool place to hide from drunkards who insist on bringing an inflatable boat to the hot tub. This time we enjoyed the arome of something called the "Japanese herbs" also my american friend got teased about his Russian skill by a Lithuanian.

The light therapy shrine.

My other favorite part is the light therapy. Basically you stare into a bright light for 15 minutes at least and your body starts producing a hormone that you don't get during the dark winter. You're not supposed to do it after 8pm not to screw up your sleeping schedule, but I like doing it at 1 am to squeeze couple more hours out of a night.

Last time I was in Kivi, girls were dancing there.

On Saturday I went to look around Tartu to see what was happening. After going through my usual places I stayed in Nälg for a drink, chatted at Kivi and went by Genklubi and Kink Konk and got home at 4:30.

I can't believe there's nothing to do.

The CitYearning EP is close to complete and if you want to be sure that you get it, then let me know in advance. The first ammount will be about 30.
See you soon!


In and out of 2 Saturdays.

was a blast

This Saturday it was time for my birthday bash. Celebrating quarter a century of adventures. I invited over 70 people to take part. We prepared my studio for the occasion with extra lightning. The guests later said that it felt like being in a womb.

Mixing the punch, different techniques. Photo: K.Maasik

There was also a food installation made out of action-painted sandwiches and killer punch to go with it. The key to every punch is that it shouldn't taste like it's strong but it should be just that.

The beginning. Photo: K. Maasik

The first patch of punch tasted like watered down juice, but a cup later I was tipsy. Some of my blurriest birthday memories are from times when I've been sitting next to the punch bowl or bucket for too long.

Never heard people discuss sandwiches for so long before.

One time it was even in a wheelbarrow and I had to bike to work after that. Luckily I worked as a bartender at a nightclub so it was no biggie. It did take me 2 hours before I was sober again though.

Some where dancing, others were lounging.

This time I wasn't the one to black out although I still can't believe how fast 7 hours of partying can disappear. For the first time I played tracks off of my coming EP CitYearning, mixing them with old tracks from around 5 years ago.

And later most of the people were dancing.

People started dancing in the middle of the room and on the mattress. It don't think I've ever played a live that drunk, because I went to get another cup of punch and then completely forgot I was in the middle of my set. Dj Fabrique took over and the dancing continued.

Rock your socks!

As an apparent tradition there were also wieners to cook when the night was peaking. I heard that a big part of the wieners had been flung out of the open window.

The main room got packed full.

Another thing I didn't witness myself was when a new patch of punch was made. As we had around 10 bottles of sparkling wine and some vodka, no juice, no beer or long drink so I guess that it was quite potent.

The night close to 3am.

A big thanks to everyone who came and made this the best birthday party I've had in last 10 years or so. I have to also thank the neighbors and flatmates. The first didn't mind that the music was blasting with max volume from midnight to 3am and the latter just left to let us have the party.

The last present I got, was in the morning. Photo: K.Maasik

The Saturday before my birthday we went to check out Hotel Salvador. I have known Tõnis who runs the Salvador series for six-seven years already. The way he experiments with social media is inspiring. For example he used to give out awards to Estonian blogs.

You got to know how to survive in the windy city.

 This time the Hotel Salvador event was a closed invite-only event with close friends and scenesters invited. This is probably why the event had such a laid-back fun feel to it. Half of the people there I already knew and had partied with before.

It wasn't the easiest hotel to find.

As the doors opened for everyone at 1 am there were also people I didn't know arriving. At that time as I was starving we went by Baltijaam to get a classical tšeburek and some mushroom pancakes.

Sander Mölder playing his set at Hotel Salvador

The weather had been stormy all night long and I'm not sure how many people didn't make it because they got lost on the way. Having some brandy with us helped against the raging wind.

Bartender why you no give Me a drink!?

Hotel Salvador was a great first event and I'm excited to see what will happen next time there. The pool party is this weekend in Tartu so I might go by there.

See you soon!


Confessing Fluon - post #150!

I always know I get a dose of color and life. When it's gray outside then Fluon is like a vitamin pill

Here's a piece of my Daft Punk remix to listen to as you check this monster post about the essence of Fluon.
Daft punk - High Life (Barthol Lo Mejor remix) extract
One of the most colorful acts ever seen was in the "world's smallest cabaret" in Paris, 2009

As this is post #150 I have decided to write about doing Fluon. It all started in Paris back in 2009. At the time I was already doing 2 blogs. First my travel blog "RaveInParis" which was about my adventures in Paris and everything along the way.

I was visiting a friend in Paris when orchestra students arrived with marker-drawn faces
and started taking of their clothes, 2009

The second was "You Are Cute if You Listen" which is  a blog about what people are listening to on their iPods on the streets, in the metro and parks.

A good friend in Paris shouted "lets do something crazy" and then climbed the traffic light, 2009

Fluon was at first supposed to be something like Tumblr to gather all the images that inspire me. The title was incorporates "fluorescent" (which is a very French word) and "neon".  That's the visual and attitude I have been going for all the time.

My favorite polish girl in Paris at my birthday with her polish girlfriend, she also had a French boyfriend, 2009

At first there weren't that many photos or text, but as time went on I got into it more and more and wanted to give it a magazine-like feel. Of course one of the biggest influences has been Vice magazine, but also writers like Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson with their simple but effective style.

Shopping in Paris with an almost local girl, 2009

The goal has been to talk about what goes on around the music I produce and to share visual images that inspire me so that people get a better sense of my creation and vision.

Fantomas from Art Security used to go around wearing deep blue welding glasses, 2009

Also it's about documenting the loose scene I have been a part of for over ten years. There's no real way of labeling or limiting it but it incorporates to some extent scenes like Tartu Electro, Robodada and indie electro.

My flatmate after Paris and her friend enjoying champagne from the bottle, 2009

Fluon is also my main outlet for the photos I take. From 2012 I have around 7500 photos and consider that I erase duplicates and most of blurry ones, not to mention that for months I didn't have a camera.

Trying to open a wine bottle at old Salvador, 2009

I usually have my small camera with me at all times and I take pictures of everything that I find interesting. For you I select photos that tell a story. I do the same with words, but I have often heard that people only come for the photos or they just skim the blog.

She loves bass and she got it for her birthday, 2009

I like it when people take the time to relive what happened that night and they get to experience a small adventure. Usually it's a party, sometimes an exhibition and other times it's something else, but it's always fun.

Smooching, 2010

I confess I like taking sexy photos of girls where ever they are, but that's not the main point of Fluon. It's about our youth - the parties of yesterday and today and hopefully tomorrow and everything that goes along with it.

The most colorful Estonian act - Queennaive in Plink Plonk, 2009

The coolest bands and DJs and festivals that deserve to be remembered and reminisced about have a place on Fluon. Where else can you find out what the hottest party was a year ago? Who else is going to tell you ten ways to get into a party for free?

This is something in the lines of Vice Magazine, 2009

So this is why I do it every week (at least I try to). If you come by and you enjoy it then leave a comment, a like, or a listen on the Soundcloud player for me.

Under my window, she liked to stay on the ground for hours, 2009

Leaving the girls alone with your camera might be a good idea. Old Salvador toilet, 2009

Timo Toots' Linnujaam next to the Tallinn airport, 2009

Kiwa and Madis Ligema playing at Genklubi with the coolest visuals, 2009

A pair of night swinging girls, 2009

At Nicolas' rooftop party with friends, 2012
See you soon and thanks for coming back!