Wet Erasmus party

shame I couldnt make it

This Friday I went to the Aura pool party yet again. Last time's pool party involved many incidents, some of which didn't fit on Fluon. The party had better music this time. It might have been, because instead of an eramus DJ there was a mixtape playing.

Crammed into a hot tub.

This time I almost didn't make it to the party. We started driving from Tallinn at around 8. That's when I got a call saying that there's a spare ticket for the pool party, but I had to make it before 10:30 when they closed the doors.

Erasmus is unisex by nature.

I urged our driver to make haste so I could join in on the wet fun and drinks. As we reached Tartu I jumped off, grabbed a pair of trunks and got back on the car.

The dancers getting ready for their act.

 My ticket was supposed to be under a fake name. But as I reached Aura water center I saw a familiar face on the door. Of course the girl knew I wasn't Mihkel and asked me for the piece of paper.

No drinks allowed to be brought in.

I couldn't also reach my friends to find out why there was no ticket waiting for me at the door as they had texted me. So I stood there calling and waiting, watching all the people go in.

Erasmus-orgasmus crew.

After I had tried to get hold of them for the third time, the girl I knew waved me in. I was happy and headed to the dressing room without looking back.

Hot tub number two.

I couldn't find my people anywhere inside so I headed back to the lockers. As it turned out they had arrived after me, not before. And when they tried to leave the ticket for me, they were informed that I was already let in.

Strike a pose.

The four hours of the pool party went as usual. The drinks-water slides-sauna-light therapy routine like the two last times.

The house with its inhabitants.

Of course we had to go on the balcony with practically no clothes or shoes on, to see who catches a cold. It seems I succeeded, send me honey.

A lot is going down in the pool.

The aroma sauna is always a cool place to hide from drunkards who insist on bringing an inflatable boat to the hot tub. This time we enjoyed the arome of something called the "Japanese herbs" also my american friend got teased about his Russian skill by a Lithuanian.

The light therapy shrine.

My other favorite part is the light therapy. Basically you stare into a bright light for 15 minutes at least and your body starts producing a hormone that you don't get during the dark winter. You're not supposed to do it after 8pm not to screw up your sleeping schedule, but I like doing it at 1 am to squeeze couple more hours out of a night.

Last time I was in Kivi, girls were dancing there.

On Saturday I went to look around Tartu to see what was happening. After going through my usual places I stayed in Nälg for a drink, chatted at Kivi and went by Genklubi and Kink Konk and got home at 4:30.

I can't believe there's nothing to do.

The CitYearning EP is close to complete and if you want to be sure that you get it, then let me know in advance. The first ammount will be about 30.
See you soon!