Week end of Bicycling Tallinn

The tour d'ÖÖ was awesome, thanks for telling me about it

Welcome back!
This weekend was all about the Tallinn Bicycle Week. I don't ride around Tallinn as much as I used to in Tartu. Mostly because I keep hearing stories about every bicycle getting stolen, especially if they are locked somewhere around the center.

Women ready for action

The main event of the bicycle week was Tour d'ÖÖ, which was the 12th already. It means a ride around Tallinn usually for an hour, but this time it was twice as long. There were around 2000 people present and the difference between head and tail of the tour was around 45 minutes. The drivers weren't too happy to wait at the blocked roads for that long.

Sigue Sigue Fabrique with the boom bike

The night continued in Noblessner with a club night. Part of that was a race on fixed trek bikes. The contestants had to race through an imaginary 400 meters on bikes.

People who went' got very special wristbands.

The music was there to help the contestants pedal, so it was mostly heavy electro and techno. There was table tennis and the next day there was a competition.

Tajo and Mowka from "Neljapäev with Lazers" racing

The winners time was 19 seconds, mine was 32 with the average speed at 44 km/h although my peak was around 52. The night included some acts in a room that was around the corner so I only saw the last track of Vul Vulpes, which had a lot of digital and physical room reverb.

It was nice, watching the sun set at sea.

At first I hadn't planned on doing all the events, but as the weekend went on I found myself riding most of the rides and going to most of the events. The last one was this Sunday's bike picnic or bikenic. I can't tell you where it was because I didn't understand where we ended up.

Bikery with their baby loaf.

Everyone sat down, played some games and ate lunch. There were two modified bikes that were blasting beats. The river was close by, I and some friends went for a refreshing cool dip.
Studying the map

The CitYearning EP is real close to completion. The artwork is already on Facebook go and take a look. Come back soon to see if it's out already or check out some of previous five releases.

See you soon