Top ten parties in movies 2018

Don't you wish that your parties would be just like in the movies sometimes? People in strange costumes,  beautiful girls, tons of drugs and the occasional drop of blood in the night. Very often the best parts in the movies are the party scenes. I compiled my top ten of part scenes in movies. Enjoy them before you go out or the day after with a hangover.

1. Project X - the movie that ended all the party movies. 60 minutes of  drug and booze fueled rampage that ends in a trashed block. Painted dogs, nut punching little people and a lunatic drug dealer with a flamethrower.

2. Party Monster - there are more than one crazy parties in that movie. I recommend it if you haven't seen it. There's a party in the back of a truck, in the burger joint and in the hospital just to name few. By the end of it seeing men in high heels doesn't feel weird. I love Seth Green especially what he's doing on Robot Chicken.

3. Donnie Darko - one of my favorite movies for a long time. It's the atmosphere, it could be a horror movie but instead it's fun and intelligent. Although it has the scariest rabbit. The halloween party there is like a dream - old music, slow motion and a sad end. It's the movie I've watched the most times. I like Donnie's skeleton with a hoody look, it's cool.

4. Blade - you can't compare this to the Twilight crap. They play baseball, while Blade has a party with a blood shower. No party is complete without sunglasses, girls kissing and a lot of ass kicking.

5. Justice - A Cross The Universe - the documentary about partying with a French touch. This movie is 50% partying and 50% riding in the tour bus. You get to see girls being lit on fire, smashing bottles over heads and the police of course. Tous comme il faut ;)

6. Berlin Calling - tells the tale of a Berlin techno Dj who has an overdose and ends up in a mental institute. It's somewhat depressing but it has the German techno vibe. I watched it on a Friday night when I was sick at home and it felt as if I had been to a party. The soundtrack is by Paul Kalkbrenner and it's really good.

7. Human Traffic - if you want a rave then 90s UK is the place to go. The movie has 40 minutes of partying at a rave and then an after party at a house. The characters are all fucked up in their own unique way. It has lots of British humor and hallucinations.

8. Better living through circuitry - this documentary takes you to the rave with Moby, Kraftwerk and Crystal Method. They talk about the culture, the parties and the music. "I was taking a nature walk with your mom and she asked me what we were called and I said Crystal Method." It has lots of original footage from way back the nineties - the decade of shallow optimism.

9. Liquid sky - an indie film from the early eighties. "Me! Me and my rhythmbox." Crazy music and a strange party which is also a fashion show. The film itself talks about an alien that kills people when they have an orgasm. It just sucks the endorphines from their brain. It's really something else and I recommend you watch it if you want to see something strange.

10. Get Him to the Greek - not as good as I hoped it would be but it has some crazy party moments fueled by coke, absinthe, alcohol,  weed and something called a Jeffrie and ideas. See P.Diddy as the record company owner getting hit by a car.

This is my list and if you like parties I recommend you watch these movies. Tell us your favorites in the comments.


Teasing or pleasing?

Hey You!
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How was your weekend? We went to see Redlip play in Plink Plonk on Friday. We had the preparty at their new place with electro, drinks and pizza. I love pizza. Don't you? I was feeling a little low at first but they helped me get the party vibe going. Big thanks for that - there's no party without friends. At the party most of the Djs were too slow or soft so we hung around the back area fooling around. At 3am it was time for Redlip to play. She played a dubstep set that was nice and hard especially the last tracks. Soon there will be four new tracks she will play and you will listen.

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Three got shot at the party!

We shot photos for me and the cover of Play Ep. Me, Belle and Maarja dressed up at my place. Redlip lent us some of her costumes (remember her crazy birthday). Beautiful girls preparing with make up, champagne and electro, it can't get really better than that. We popped another bottle of champagne and went to the club. Gabriela was waiting for us there. I love her photos.
Thanks to club Cat, they let us in and we had no trouble with security. The club manager came to greet us. We even got on the stage and shot there. The light guy was a fan and other guys couldn't stop looking either. The light there was awesome. They had all my favorite colors and lots of lighting effects.
Belle said: "we were the brightest parrots in the hen house". Maarja said that the girls in the ladies room gave her jealous looks. I met some friends who thought I was playing that night. We had more fun than other guests, the spectacle of the evening.
A guy mistook me for Zenja Fokin, a local Tv fashionista, when we were leaving. Next stop - the snow. Hot girls on high heel shoes in the snow, imagine that. They managed to do it without breaking anything. Another bottle of champagne and it felt warm inside despite the heaps of snow.

Photos and some snowballs later we were ready to go to the afterparty. It was a close call because the snow started melting a couple of hours after we ended the shoot. It was lots of fun doing it.
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Where did I lose 1st days of 2011?

Welcome back to my party, music and photo blog. Push play and and read away.
We have photos from our new years eve. I can almost remember all the fun. Luckily I also took photos.
Two most beautiful girls from the first party I went to. It was one of themed parties that were going on. I made it to 3 parties and 3 bars that night and saw the fireworks on the main square. It was an eventful night apart from that as well.
This bad girl didn't want to go to the next party. She is one of the organizers of "Back to reality check" party and a snowboarder. Sneak a peek on youtube.
Do you remember the last time when you didn't know what to wear? Our host had crazy party ideas and she put on the xmas decorations in the end. Most of us were just dancing away. Some were blurry eyed already.
If the girls want to kiss all night long, then the mens room, a bottle of champagne and the guys is a safe bet. The two guys on the left are local Djs.
Our Barthol Lo Mejor photo shoot is happening soon. It will be a story of our party and the wildness afterwards. Also the photo for Play ep. Me and my favorite girls combined will blow it up for sure. There will be loads of white stuff on the photos, 
you know - snow. Come back soon to see the photos.