Where did I lose 1st days of 2011?

Welcome back to my party, music and photo blog. Push play and and read away.
We have photos from our new years eve. I can almost remember all the fun. Luckily I also took photos.
Two most beautiful girls from the first party I went to. It was one of themed parties that were going on. I made it to 3 parties and 3 bars that night and saw the fireworks on the main square. It was an eventful night apart from that as well.
This bad girl didn't want to go to the next party. She is one of the organizers of "Back to reality check" party and a snowboarder. Sneak a peek on youtube.
Do you remember the last time when you didn't know what to wear? Our host had crazy party ideas and she put on the xmas decorations in the end. Most of us were just dancing away. Some were blurry eyed already.
If the girls want to kiss all night long, then the mens room, a bottle of champagne and the guys is a safe bet. The two guys on the left are local Djs.
Our Barthol Lo Mejor photo shoot is happening soon. It will be a story of our party and the wildness afterwards. Also the photo for Play ep. Me and my favorite girls combined will blow it up for sure. There will be loads of white stuff on the photos, 
you know - snow. Come back soon to see the photos.