Teasing or pleasing?

Hey You!
Are you hungry for more partying? While waiting for the night, get hyped here>
I have a logo now. Me and Ardo from Tallinn Daggers designed it together - this is a pink test version. As soon as the blogger problem with the banner width gets fixed I will use the logo in my banner, possibly mixed with hot girls. That's what the internet is about, isn't it - photos of hot girls.

It's also about music. You have been waiting and it has payed off, "For play" ep will  be released in February. Meanwhile we'll give you a teaser just so you can get your body moving and mind inspired. Voltri from Fuck Yuo I'm a Robot thought it was a real floor crasher, but listen, share it and let me know what you think. All (music) bloggers, contact me about the release, we have special deals for you - bartholmusic[at]gm ail[dot]com
But now listen to the teaser >

How was your weekend? We went to see Redlip play in Plink Plonk on Friday. We had the preparty at their new place with electro, drinks and pizza. I love pizza. Don't you? I was feeling a little low at first but they helped me get the party vibe going. Big thanks for that - there's no party without friends. At the party most of the Djs were too slow or soft so we hung around the back area fooling around. At 3am it was time for Redlip to play. She played a dubstep set that was nice and hard especially the last tracks. Soon there will be four new tracks she will play and you will listen.

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