Three got shot at the party!

We shot photos for me and the cover of Play Ep. Me, Belle and Maarja dressed up at my place. Redlip lent us some of her costumes (remember her crazy birthday). Beautiful girls preparing with make up, champagne and electro, it can't get really better than that. We popped another bottle of champagne and went to the club. Gabriela was waiting for us there. I love her photos.
Thanks to club Cat, they let us in and we had no trouble with security. The club manager came to greet us. We even got on the stage and shot there. The light guy was a fan and other guys couldn't stop looking either. The light there was awesome. They had all my favorite colors and lots of lighting effects.
Belle said: "we were the brightest parrots in the hen house". Maarja said that the girls in the ladies room gave her jealous looks. I met some friends who thought I was playing that night. We had more fun than other guests, the spectacle of the evening.
A guy mistook me for Zenja Fokin, a local Tv fashionista, when we were leaving. Next stop - the snow. Hot girls on high heel shoes in the snow, imagine that. They managed to do it without breaking anything. Another bottle of champagne and it felt warm inside despite the heaps of snow.

Photos and some snowballs later we were ready to go to the afterparty. It was a close call because the snow started melting a couple of hours after we ended the shoot. It was lots of fun doing it.
Thanks for all you support, we just passed 200 members on Facebook and I appreciate it. Stay tuned because new tracks are about to get released.