Tour Estonia 2013

Your rave cleared the harbor of yachts

It would be impossible to tell you of everything that went down in July. However I can share some special moments and good photos with you to enjoy. I'll outline the general route I took.

Patrol the Block was featured on July's MAP as a free download so head on over to get it.

Best light

First we had a party at the North coast at a small yacht harbor. Supapüx soundsystem provided the sound and Tekkamoc Soundsystem played music and did the lighting. It's magical how the setting sun mixed with the different lights. The party lasted until 9am and I played a quick set as well. The staff didn't look too pleased the next morning. Oh well, happens.

3 am jump and phone

One evening we decided to hit the sea. Fabrique gave me a call at around 6 and after we had spent an hour fixing the car that was supposed to take us there we were on our way. We got on the boat at midnight. There was a big full moon guiding us towards the uninhabited island we went for. Two days later we were joined by three more and we had a proper night. I stayed for four days and then headed towards Viljandi Folk festival for the Välk night.

The king of the island

For the second year the area surrounding the stages had an entry fee. Like last year I didn't go in there and the amount of people that were around Viljandi was four times less than two years ago. I'm not sure I will go back next year if it's the same way.

Sexy satan swag at Viljandi Folk

For most of the time we hung around Koidu social house where the Välk event took place. I came straight from the uninhabited island and stayed for the Bassi Missa. The line-up had Heidy Purga, Bert on Beats and Ringo Ringvee with Parmani People at the other stage.

Musicians at Viljandi Välk

The whole vibe was very laid-back and enjoyable. Had some beer with Dj Smaddy on the beach and managed to dodge the cops. The party was wild and packed full not like last year.

Mixer cunnilingus at Viljandi Välk

I had thought of visiting Kuru Plirr as I headed to Viljandi Folk. The plan ripened when I met a friend and she said she also thought of going and her parents could take us there. Next day I met three guys who had the tickets but couldn't be bothered to go. So we were off to Kuru.

Acid at Kuru

We made it there in the night. I had my face painted like a tiger for no apparent reason. The acid-heads didn't like the sight. Two stages were full of techno that lasted until next afternoon with Planet Elva DJs playing a 12 hour set. The festival was well organized and the line up was rich.

Deep thoughts at Kuru

To rest from the vacation I passed by Tartu where at first site nothing was happening. That's usually the best time to take matters into your own hands and organize something. So we got out our table tennis and had friends over during three days to play and compete.

Tired in Tartu

Kukemuru Ambient was next on the list. We went there with Kiwa and Argo Vals. It's the smallest festival I have been to. Over the two days there were around 60 people that came by and the music didn't start before 9pm either day.

I have the berries

The line-up had good performers though. Hendrik Kaljujärv was good and interesting as always, Kiwa got his synth's adapter blown by the faulty generator and so he gave a more techno performance using the drummachines and a Microtribe. We mostly just took it as a weekend trip to the country.

Deep kissing

More photos will be here soon, so come check back.
See you at Tartuff,