Musicians, models, police

Crappy shit and piss nonsense is what all your music and performances are. Don't never ever play again. (Anonymous youtube user in 2010)

Welcome back!
We organized a local Soundcloud meetup in Tartu. Out of 30 invited musicians, producers and DJs 6 were interested in meeting and discussing.


I gave a short presentation about the basic notions of band branding. Kaarel talked about organizing events and his experiences and basis for choosing acts. The talks continued in Nälg for hours and ended with us fleeing to nearby ruins when a thunderstorm started.

Zuks and Kaarel on the left.

We're going to have another meeting this wednesday so if you know any musicians in Tartu, send them our way. We also welcome DJs and managers. Our goal is to get the scene moving and inspire people to be more active. It's a great boost to meet other musicians, producers and whonot and to share insights.

Time to smoke.

The third "Danger! Danger!" in Nälg, together with Kiwanoid. We decorated the room with "Falck Security" tape to let people know about the danger. We had a red beacon light which we couldn't get to work sadly. The theme was "crime scene", but despite our loud efforts the police didn't show up.

I was happy to see so many old goers and new faces in Nälg. The night almost ended in a fight between a local theater director and a nondescript chav. Luckily the barmaid calmed them down. Also I was approached by a young lad. He said he had been sent by 7 people who wanted me to play track 4 on this Christmas CD. I didn't panic, the older DJs had taught me what to do. I calmly told him that requests are 50€. He didn't pay, so no deal. There will be a fourth "Danger! Danger!", but I haven't decided if in June or September. Photos of the party by Keiu Maasik.

Drinkmn rocking a Paris shirt.
Uncle Volodja has been downloaded 24 times. Help it reach 50 downloads and I'll upload the next track. It's between techno and electro, Dj Hell and Rebotini. So download it and tell your great aunts to do the same.

I'm playing at the afterparty for Erki Moeshow on Saturday, so if you want fashion and a party, come on over. It's a party through three floors. Each banging to it's own tune. Kazk, Marek Poel and Huggo are playing as well. All the girls attending will be either looking good or well dressed, so you know you can't go wrong.

See you soon!


Today's download

"Industrial fits you"

Welcome back!
If you get the newsletter, then you already have it, otherwise it's time to pay Uncle Volodja a visit. Here it is, a new track called:

Have a listen, download Volodja and share it with other people. Lets reach 50 downloads together. It's the cursing Russian truck driver uncle you never had.

I've been working on deciding what to do next in my life and music. So I haven't been out to document the night life. Having no camera helps as well. In good news, it's an inspiring time and there will be many new tracks to be heard during summer.

See you soon