Can you rest in summertime?

Lovely 30 degree weather outside as I'm sipping on a cold drink and making plans for summer. It's the time to swim, tan, visit people in the countryside and to have parties. We just spent 3 days in a friends summerhouse and It's really the best place with the sauna and the pool. Most of the time I'm working on my tan and backstroke cause that's what summer is all about for me. Resting from the hard winter. Also there are some parties taking place . On Friday I organized my first event. It was a party called Beatwave with me and three friends spinning records. It was a close call as I found out about my duties just an hour before the party. Everything was okay in the end.

It's been confirmed that my track Don't buy fun was released on the Europavox compilation in may. You can try to locate a copy. 1000 CDs were given to the press members at the festival. Also I'm remixing a couple of songs. There is a remix that is finished but hasn't been released yet but hopefully will be released on a disc if not then it will be available online. Another remix is soon to be finished and will most likely be released. Already the tempo is coming down in my music, for some of the remixes I should go as slow as 107(unimaginable).

The new live show will be mostly new songs and remixes but will feature the old classics as well. I'm also looking for a female vocalist as I would like most of the tracks to have some vocals.

I'm going to spend what's left of summer going to festivals and spending time with friends. Also I will work on tracks for the new album. Take Care!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.