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"Neon Gold" mixtape came to be as a collaboration with Trash Can Dance and it joins the best of my tracks from 2011-2014 into a continous mix.

1. Ocean Sound Wave 3:37
2. City Summer 3:06
3.Vacation Dustination 4:06
4. Frank Call 3:09
5. Molotown 2:45
6. Malcolm Lincoln - Danz And Watch da Cloudz (Barthol remix) 2:32
7. Patrol The Block 3:16
8. Beauty In Pain 2:12
9. Speed Courrier 3:11
10. I S2 U 2:11
11. Hu? - Tüdrukud Tantsivad (Barthol Hands up Remix) 2:10
12. Yeah!!! 2:48
13.Visiting Uncle Volodja 2:27
14. BYONoise 2:42
15. I Dig Dirt 3:00
16. Bass And Clap 3:48
17. Deluxe 3:23

"Jet Set Rebels" and "Molotov Spray Tan" is a double EP which gathers Barthol's 8 best tracks from 2011. "Jet Set Rebels" is the calmer side, which is suitable for listening on your iPod. "Molotov Spray Tan" on the other side is meant for big speakers. Pop the bottle to download>

"Jet Set Rebels" playlist:
1. Vacation Dustination
2. Frank Call
3. Deluxe
4. Ocean Sound Wave

"Molotov Spray Tan" playlist:
5. Molotown
6. BYONoise
7. TV Bitch
8. I Dig Dirt

"For play" gets you ready for tonight's parties. Dress up, Play it and shout YEAH!!! The bass tears a hole in the dark for the neon light. Greet the bouncer, enter the party and feel the beat. We are there for you  and we S2 U. The wild night with the party twins awaits.
Rub her back to download>

"For Play" tracklist:
1. Yeah!!!
2. I S2 U
3. Party Twins
4. Tonight's Parties

Barthol Lo Mejors K8 MOSH Ep is served best for dancing at parties or home alone. Friday night - a cupfull of coffee and an earfull of K8 Mosh and the night can continue on a faster pace. W A R N I N G ! - the high levels of electropunk may cause euphoria and bruises. For a safe landing  we reccomend the last track, which will [almost] restore your life to normal at dawn.
Grab her hair to download>

"K8 Mosh" Tracklist:
1. Robopogo
2. Hello Fucca
3. K8 Mosh
4. Windshield Pfeiffer

Lolipopdada EP was a selfreleased EP back in 2007. Fifty graphic sheets with Barthol's portrait were made, on the back there was a download link for the tracks. Prices difference for the series was up to 50 times.

1. Popdadas in Glamm (very disto)
2. Ggirls say GNight (nonostalgie version)
3. Popdada Nites