Polymer festival psy rave and dance act

I heard it was a crazy set with a dead guy by the stage

This week I went back to the Polymer festival to see Henri Hütt's dance act. Henri is a good friend and a talented dancer and we did a project together back in 2010. During the evening there was a psy trance night Manatarq there.

The psychedelic rave visuals were cool.
Listen to Speed Courrier as you read on, it's downloadable.

The dance performance was very visual. It had Daft Punkish helmets, remote control cars, a gun and bear traps. It combined text, music and video with simple movements and continuous flow. All the people barely fitted into the black box to see all of this. There was another play on Sunday, but that was it. I recommend to see Henri's techno-minimalist dance performances if you have a chance.

A photo from Burroughs, the contemporary dance show.

The Polymer festival is an exciting event and I will analyze it's artsy side in another web publication, but the night I spent there was no less inspiring. I had just helped a friend move from his nouveau rich neighborhood to an established squat. We had wine, beer and meatballs and a slight urge to do something with our Friday night. So we went to Vabaduse väljak, skipped some bars and came across some giggling friends. They told us that there was a party in the house, but they couldn't get in the door. We managed to finally get in after calling about ten different people who might have been attending (none answered). But there was no party. Not a person came to the door and the windows were dark.

Psy trance enthusiasts going to the rave

That's when we found out about the free psy trance rave at Polymer. We set course for that and got another two guys to join us on the way. I haven't been to that many psy trance events before. Maybe only the stage at Robotaanika Park a few years ago. One of the enthusiasts explained psy to us as: "diggidi diggidi diggidi viiiiiiiuuuuuuüüüüt." It was fun though. The scene is an interesting and a multicultural one. There were also different substances present in the blood flow of the goers.

Lounging with psy.

We soon found Henri and the others from where the dance act had taken place and we joined them. People were having shots of tequila, mixing rum and playing with the remote cars from the play. We set up an obstacle course for the cars and raced against each other. Several uninvited guests wanted to join us. It might have been the tracks I was presenting to our little group.

The rascals with spray cans

There were crazy things happening all around the factory. Someone was carrying a passed out girl. Rascals had stolen two spray paints from Soho Fonds lounge and were writing smut on the walls. What happened in the neon lights of the dim main room you can only imagine, but there were people making out elsewhere.

Put your leg in the air like you just don't care

A great end to my experience with the Polymer festival. It's a shame they didn't let me play, but hopefully it will change next year.