rhythm of the dancer 133bpm

I haven't written in quite some time, because I've been busy with music and also school stuff.

The "Dance marathon" in Tallinn was a positive experience. Our dance was different from the others. Using more technology and contemporary imagery. My contribution was more on the music although I did move around aswell. We should have the dvd soon and we are planning to perform it elsewhere as well. Here are some photos from our rehearsal, sadly I don't have any pictures from the actual show.
After the dance marathon was over I rushed over to Salvador, because I had a live there. I had 40 minutes to get there and get groovin.

I'm working on some new banging tracks. I'm going towards more house sound (everything is house nowadays isn't it). The tempo will be more dancer friendly, it will be between 130 and 145 but probably be 133 in my live shows (bless abletons warp). A lot of bass will be present and also some brazilian influences could be probably found from the percussions. I'm also