Tallinn Fashion Week 404...

Don't make a disc, print t-shirts or something instead

This weekend was about three events. The Tallinn Fashion Week, Apartment 404 and the ending of Artishok Bienalle at EKKM. I wandered into all of them half accidentally. Read on and also make sure to come to Genklubi this Friday to see my DJ set.

If your friend doesn't want to dance then just rub your crotch to his head.

It all started on Friday when I was dragged to EKKM for the Artishok Biennale end party. I didn't mind because Kiwanoid was playing his robotic live there and it had been a while since I had been to one of it's nights. If you've never been, but want to get a feel or just to remind yourself, then here's a short clip about it.

I was just kicking it on Saturday, until another friend who is leaving Estonia gave me a call. I can't even count all the people we've sent abroad since summer there have been around twenty of them. He invited me over to Telliskivi to go to an underground party, which later turned out to be tech house.

Kiwa Noid starting his robotic electro live at EKKM.

But as I got over there I ended up in the middle of Tallinn Fashion Week. People were out between the shows of Liisi Eesmaa and Aldo Järvsoo. There was nothing else to do than to somehow get into the show without paying 8€ for it. In the end we concluded that probably no one had paid the ticket.

Fahionistas between the Fashion week shows.

I started going through the ten ways to get into a party and thought of using the method number one to get in. I was calling a friend to ask if she had a spare +1 while standing in front of the door. A lady turned to me and told me she had a +1 and I could get in with her. I didn't think twice and took the opportunity.

The fashion show at Telliskivi.

It was crowded inside and I couldn't see too much of the show, but I saw enough. It was a parade of grays, whites with patterns and an occasional black passed by. It was the show by Aldo Järvsoo. The part that most impressed the crowd, was when the last models skirt had such a steep cut that her ass was showing. People were clapping and whistling for her.

Another project by Taavi Tulev with Jaan Tätte Jr on the left and Mari on the right.

Next stop was Apartment 404. It was the birthday party for Okeiko, who is a local designer and illustrator. The whole party was broadcasted live to the internet. The line-up included Hendrik Kaljujärv, whose lives are pure magic, a project by Taavi Tulev (I didn't catch the name) and possibly a Krishna Dj who ended the event. At some point we blocked two cameras with signs that sent greetings to our friend Henry who was watching from France.

Is there a better way  to end the night than lying on the carpet listening to a Krishna Dj play Prodigy.

The event had a special aura to it that I haven't encountered in last years. As it turns out there were 1000 people watching the night altogether and at peak time there were 100 simultaneous watchers.

This is how we ended our night at 3:30 on Friday night.
See you soon, I'm playing a set next Friday at Genklubi in Tartu.


Haunted house party

everyday i like to do some of my dance movements using your brilliant and catchy music. keep up the good work...

The wildest part of the week-end was the going-away party for DJ Motherknowsbest. As I had very sadly forgotten my camera, this time the photos are by my good friend Mihkel Truup.

Listen to the classic "Party Twins" while you read on about what went down.

The party took place at the fifth floor of an legendary allegedly haunted castle. The crowd was already going on when I reached the place at around midnight.

Dj Motherknowsbest is dropping some wicked vinyl house.
The first thing I saw were Twisted Dance Company's girls in neon color wigs. They were in the line for the hall window which was the designated smoking area. As we found out later it was also there for throwing down bottles and a mug that a mother had made at the tender age of ten.

This was were you went to smoke or drop stuff.

The main performer, at least for me was Sander Mölder, who is one of four Estonians to have attended Red Bull Music Academy. It took a couple of hours before he went on, but his set was enjoyable. There were people getting down on the dance floor while he was playing.

Great dancers and great greeters. Also the best costume award.

At some point there had been punch I suspect, but there was nothing left when I got there. However I did find a Jim Beam bottle mixed with coke on my way to the party. It was laying on the busiest zebra crossing in Tallinn. Someone had fun drinking that.

Girls drinking.

Basicly it had all the ingredients of a great party - the interesting crowd, cool music and that special spark that ignites that explosive mix. I'm sending a shout out to everyone that was there for their roll in making it a memorable night.

God damn paparazzi! 
If all goes well there will be something this epic before another year passes. Let me know if there's something going down. As I heard this years pool party is not far away.

Meeting the twisted dancer.

We left at around three, as I had to escort the foreign students to the Balti Jaam so they could rest. I later learned that there had also been a freestyle rap session on the dance floor at some point.

Our hostess showing people out the door in a kind way.
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See you soon!


Wienerfest 2012

Your blog's layout is as if an eager schoolgirl just started blogging

Last weekend was busy. At some point I was supposed to play in Tartu, but when it got cancelled I decided to have some people over to break in my new place instead.

It doesn't take much to be laid back - just some rum and raw wieners.

The gathering was decent and lots of strange fun. At some point there were 7 packs of wieners, platters full of garlic bread and two cakes to eat. It all culminated with a micro cake war.

Just a couple of guests are missing from this photo, but you can see the garlic bread.

On Saturday we headed to Biit as it was having it's "One year and one day" birthday party. Tommyboy, Kazk and Orelipoiss were playing music. Check out the short clip of it and remember to subscribe, as there will be more clips about all that's going on soon.

Later we went on to Ptarmigan, which is a project space in Tallinn that I've never visited. It's located under the Canadian embassy on Toompea. Anyways there was a sound art night there with Mats Lindstrom as the main act. The other acts were nothing surprising although Toomas Savi's dubish soundscapes were decent. But the grand finale of Mats Lindstrom was overwhelming. Maybe half the audience couldn't take it and walked out in the middle of it. You can see why in the video.

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See you soon at the Artishok Biennale.


From Venice and Croatia

Every trip you take, is a trip in your head

Hey! I just got back from our trip. We went to see Croatia for the first time and I got to revisit Venice once again. My favorite part about the trip was Venice, as Croatia's season was ending and we stayed at a quiet beach resort.

Piaza San Marco at Venice. A mix of ancient culture and Venetian T-shirts and masks.

This track used to be called "Roaming Rome", but it's fit for roaming Venice and Croatia just as well - just push play.

We spent the days on the beach and playing ping pong. Just reloading our internal batteries with the sunshine. It's a bit of a shame that we didn't spend more time in the nearby town Pula which seemed like a more active center than our town Rovinj.

Having coffee on a terrace at the coast of  Croatia.

Venice was as I remembered - an inspiring environment to be in. Sadly we didn't make it to the Guggenheim there, but we did manage to end up next to the biennale area one night.

The best meal - shrimp and shandy with greetings from Croatia.

The crazy thing about Venice is that allegedly 150 000 tourists visit it every day. So I'm not quite sure I would like to live in a town like that.

You want grape? I give you good grape! Our local fruit merchant at the Croatian market.

As for the night life, I had been recommended the square - Campo Santa Margherita, which is where all the students gather during the night time. The happy hours start at 6 and the night ends pretty early there, around two it's mostly quiet.

Venetian night life is not the liveliest - the locals drink in the bars and on the square.

We went to a bar which had 1€ wine on sale all night long. It tasted pretty good, but not in the morning. We also went to another bar which had a special on vodka, gin and rum as a shot was 1€ and a cocktail was 2€.

Never made it inside, but it looked like a cool TV church.

Things got a little out of hand and as we started heading back for our apartment, we got lost on the way. Luckily it was just next to a crowd of people in front of a bar. One of them came over to help us find a way and before we knew it, we end up drinking beer with him and 3 other guys on the square.

Venice from the other side.

That was the trip in short. I'm having the clips cut together so I could give you a more vivid picture of it all. I have no idea when it will be available, hopefully eventually.

See you at biit record shop today,