Haunted house party

everyday i like to do some of my dance movements using your brilliant and catchy music. keep up the good work...

The wildest part of the week-end was the going-away party for DJ Motherknowsbest. As I had very sadly forgotten my camera, this time the photos are by my good friend Mihkel Truup.

Listen to the classic "Party Twins" while you read on about what went down.

The party took place at the fifth floor of an legendary allegedly haunted castle. The crowd was already going on when I reached the place at around midnight.

Dj Motherknowsbest is dropping some wicked vinyl house.
The first thing I saw were Twisted Dance Company's girls in neon color wigs. They were in the line for the hall window which was the designated smoking area. As we found out later it was also there for throwing down bottles and a mug that a mother had made at the tender age of ten.

This was were you went to smoke or drop stuff.

The main performer, at least for me was Sander Mölder, who is one of four Estonians to have attended Red Bull Music Academy. It took a couple of hours before he went on, but his set was enjoyable. There were people getting down on the dance floor while he was playing.

Great dancers and great greeters. Also the best costume award.

At some point there had been punch I suspect, but there was nothing left when I got there. However I did find a Jim Beam bottle mixed with coke on my way to the party. It was laying on the busiest zebra crossing in Tallinn. Someone had fun drinking that.

Girls drinking.

Basicly it had all the ingredients of a great party - the interesting crowd, cool music and that special spark that ignites that explosive mix. I'm sending a shout out to everyone that was there for their roll in making it a memorable night.

God damn paparazzi! 
If all goes well there will be something this epic before another year passes. Let me know if there's something going down. As I heard this years pool party is not far away.

Meeting the twisted dancer.

We left at around three, as I had to escort the foreign students to the Balti Jaam so they could rest. I later learned that there had also been a freestyle rap session on the dance floor at some point.

Our hostess showing people out the door in a kind way.
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