Night of wet fun! - updated photos

Erasmus - orgasmus.

The best part of this week was the pool party on Friday. It was organized by the Erasmus student network. Lately one of the best concepts. You know how wild student parties can get. To get there we had to break through the heavy rain (no snow yet). The Aura center pools were full of international girls in bikinis. There were different saunas, water slides and light therapy, which was our favorite. You get to stare into a lamp for half an hour, that's a priceless experience.

The clearest photo I got.

It was hard to take photos because it was so wet by the pool, everything, even the air, was wet. There was a limbo contest and a ten-man-swim against the stream. All the winners got Red Bull. By the end of the party the mixture of alcohol, light therapy and Red Bull had produced a strange state. Luckily there wasn't water deep enough to drown in.

The goers through the haze.

We went to the exhibition opening of Gabriela Liivamägi on thursday, she's one of Fluon's favorite photographers and my banner up there is one of her photos. The exhibition was in Genklubi and Uebanda was playing afterwards. She had big and even bigger photos up, some of them finished with industrial glaze. It was a great exhibition with strong portrays.

Another photographer at the exhibition.

 I had some photos of the opening, but my computer refuses to turn on. I can't add photos, but I can finish writing this post on my sister's computer. My computer works again so I got to upload some photos. Read about how a mustache saved my computer in the next post.

Gabriela's big portraits.

I've been getting played on Radio2, once or twice per day and sometimes even on prime time. I'll have some great news soon, if everything works out. There might be a secret gig coming up soon, look out for it on my Facebook page. Enjoy this last image from when we were playing with Zuks in Nälg.

See you soon!