My first tattoo

Looks like one of my designs. - It probably is your design.

Welcome back!
The quote is about the tattoo down here. I used to draw that girl face here and there and as it turns out the girl on the picture found it and like it so much, that she had it tattooed on her arm. That was one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me.

Girl on girl action.

On Tuesday night I was playing around with CDjs at Kink Konk. One of the players was a CDj200 and the other one a CDj1000 it was a world of difference. Some of you came by (thx) and Zuks stayed there for all of the set. On the way back we found a poster advertising a party at the new diner - Kiirsöökla. The poster was full of design and spelling mistakes. We were slightly intrigued by it.

The Dj is playing on the right.

On Wednesday we went to the new Kiirsöökla's club night. There was bad club music and the design was reminiscent of soviet time diners. Dishes were glued to the walls and the toilet ceiling. The floor was still covered with the former casino's logo carpet. There was no room to dance because of the tables and the place has full wall windows facing the street. There was a smoke machine, lights and a strobe. The hostesses kept telling the DJs to turn down the music. I enjoyed myself, as it was a totally out of this world experience. No room for dancing and we were almost the only ones eating their expensive food, everyone else just sat at tables and went out for an occasional smoke. I'm not sure I'll go back, but it was fit for the night.

Drunk girls clubbing at Nälg.

This Friday me and Zuks will surprise you at Nälg. It wasn't too long ago when we last played there. This time it will be a bit different and be sure to wear your dancing shoes. We will wear our's and take turns dancing and playing tunes. It's also an opportunity to get on Fluon, I'll bring my camera with me, so think of some wild stuff to do on the dance floor. Also if you want a temporary tattoo, I'll be more than happy to sketch something on your arm.

Marco the stripper, Margus the artist and a girl.

There was a cool exhibition opening on Friday that I haven't written about (been working on the tracks for my coming Ep). It was Bach's airbrush exhibition. He's one of  Tartu's first graffiti writers and has now moved on to painting nudes with airbrush. The opening was a real party with a fish tank full of punch and Mowka spinning records. There were artists, students, celebrities and models attending. Like at every opening over here the mother son duo of eaters, named the "Food club" were present. Party lasted for several hours before everyone headed to different clubs.

See you tomorrow at Nälg!