Shoot and beat!

I read all of your blog in one day

Welcome back!
Monday and Tuesday Olivier Hess was taking photos of me for Easy Jet's magazine. It's a piece on Tallinn, where I talk about the Patarei prison space and other alternative venues. The best shot was at Biit record store (run by Madis Nestor), but we also shot at F-hoone for example. The Biit store is a great place, if you need music in Tallinn, go check it out at Maakri 19/21. We were listening to LFO and new Mr Oizo.

Get comfortable at Biit.

Frank Call has been selected as the "Demo of the week" at Raadio2. We talked with Heidy Purga about new music, big cities and how I started on Thursday. If you know Estonian you can listen to it at http://r2.err.ee/jarelkuulamine select 8.12, Pleier and skip to around 17:30. I used to tape their electronic shows back in the days when I didn't have internet. So it's great to have been selected.

Some of the selection at Biit.

My computer got fixed thanks to Zuks. He told me he knows a guy who can sort it out. So we rode up to a house on Thursday and called him. He was around 50, had a great mustache and a couple of missing teeth. He invited us into the basement,which was full of dissected computers. Piles of motherboards, wires and 53 empty cases (yes, they were counted). It was like a computer clinic and cemetary at the same time.

Madis Nestor goofing around at Biit.

Too bad I didn't have my camera. He tested my power supply, but as it turned out, his tester was broken. It didn't matter, he dived into a pile, and fetched me another one. Thanks to a new ticker my machine (named Rabbit btw) is running again and I can get back to completing the Ep.

At a Cafe.

I added the photos from Gabriela's exhibition opening to the last post. Also I will play a long experimental set on Tuesday in Tartu. There will be more info on Facebook as the day approaches.

See you soon!