What happened in 2011

Welcome back, for the last time this year! Push play before you read on. These are four tracks of my coming Ep. It's been a good year and here's why:

>we completed the video for Frank Call,
>the video was on TV, where I also gave an interview,
>Frank Call got featured as demo of the week on Radio2,
>For play Ep was released,
>shot photos with Gabriela,
>made Blo Me shirts and sold them all,
>Pick Up track was featured on MAP,
>played 11 shows/sets,
>Had a houseshow at my studio,
>around 8000 readers were on Fluon,
>published 58 posts on Fluon,
>three of my prints were on exhibition,
>shot photos for Eazy Jet magazine.

The photo that almost cost me my camera.

I spent this year working on different music skills. I studied further mixing and mastering skills to give you a better quality listening experience. I consulted Ö-stuudio to better understand those techniques.  I also studied composition and classical music theory (chords, keys) to know what is commonly used in music. This was the first time I had studied any music theory. Lots of tracks were made during summer to capture the light and happy beachy mood. Those are the tracks you can hear in the mix, up there. I also put a lot of work into this blog and my Facebook page. I focused more on DJing as it's something that I'm planning to do more in the future. I'll mix it up with some of my bootlegs and mash-ups.
My new year's promise is to get music out to you faster. That might mean that tracks will be just downloads instead of Eps, but I haven't decided yet how to do it exactly.

Artwork for the Ep tracks.

The shows and sets I played this year were enjoyable. The last set at Nälg was a real treat with people dancing from the first song non-stop to the last one. The Errorfests had a strong concentration of great people and good friends. It was also an opportunity to interact with foreign artists, even if the dance floor wasn't packed. Mõisa Karneval was a great festival, which I enjoyed even despite having pneumonia. The most experimental experience was playing a house show at my place, something I would like to do more when the occasion arises.

Best way to live is to be always celebrating.

I went to a Californian guy's housewarming party on Tuesday. 400 invited, 40 attending, 30 came. At the party I was attacked by a crazy bitch when I was taking photos of her. Her assault resulted in damaging my camera. Bitches be crazy! To be discreet, I'll post no face or name, but my camera is barely alive. We also got a visit from the downstairs neighbor thug, who was complaining about music. Except for those incidents nothing much happened. It was a regular Christmas week with pretty much everything closed.

See you next year and leave your new year's promises in the comments!